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Knowing how to build your network of design clients and industry contacts is essential. You need your interior decorating certification to start working on big projects—but what comes next?

Growing your business takes time, but you can accelerate growth in a few easy steps! Follow this guide to networking for your business and you’ll be the most-wanted home decorator in no time.

Attend conferences

The easiest way to network with other interior decorators is to attend conferences. Whether local or out of town, you’ll gain valuable insight into the industry. By mingling with other decorators, professional organizers, and home stagers, you gain new design knowledge and will get some great business advice!

It’s important to know the tricks of the trade—a quick conversation with an experienced decorator can guide you in working with difficult clients. Plus, you’ll be able to spread your own knowledge and make yourself known! Conferences generally have prominent speakers who are known in the industry, from style gurus to design experts. Learning from a top-performing décor firm will help you guide your business to success.

Working as an interior decorator and networking with design professionals

Help out a charity

Providing services pro-bono will give your business a boost by making you known in the community. It also feels fantastic to help out a local charity! Reach out to a local shelter and see if you can provide some new furniture or add in some fresh color to brighten their decor. A new coat of paint can do wonders to transform a space into a place of comfort.

Connect with other local designers to make your project a reality. Working together to help re-design a community building is a great way to get to know other professionals in the industry. Give some local décor shops a call to see if they have anything they’re willing to donate to your project. Or, commission a local artist to create some mood-enhancing paintings for your project.

Creating connections with local professionals will build your list of home design contacts—which is great for when you land a big decorating contract!

Start a blog

Blogging is the main way you can stay on top of interior decorating trends. By blogging regularly, you’ll become a trusted source of information for other decorators and designers. It’s an easy way to inspire people with your designs, as well as show off your work to potential clients! Your blog can be both personal and professional, depending on what you’re comfortable with. People like to hear about your previous projects and know how you work, so letting them in on your daily life isn’t a bad idea!

Linking your professional website to your blog is a key component in gaining traffic. Share your posts on social media to show friends and family what you’re working on, since they’ll likely recommend you over other local designers!

Interior decorating certifications through online design courses

Gain referrals

Referrals from clients are the most valuable things you can get in the industry. Marketing your business is one thing, but gaining new clients from past projects is priceless. Word of mouth referrals will keep business booming and put you in demand as an interior decorator. Needless to say, doing a fabulous job for one client will create a ripple effect—people want their homes to look beautiful!

Keep in touch with clients and professionals you’ve working with in the past. It may take some time to build your network, but once you do you’ll be catching projects left and right! Don’t underestimate the power of a job well done…

Stay competitive in the interior décor industry by focussing on your network. Having a good networking strategy in place will do more for your home design business than plain advertising ever will!

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