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Re-organizing any messy space can be a frenzied and stressful activity, even when you are naturally organized. Keeping on top of things can be quite the challenge! While creative design solutions are best curated by a design professional to suit a client’s lifestyle, there are some apps that can do some truly amazing things!

Follow along to find out the best apps for professional organizers:

Slice Planner

Slice Planner creators want to eliminate the every-day compromise of choosing between a paper planner and a digital calendar. They came up with a notebook and phone app system that syncs notes seamlessly between the two platforms. The notebooks feature a clock face diagram for visual planners to break up the day while planning their tasks. All notes and drawings on the pages of the notebook can be uploaded to your Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars using the accompanying app with the help of augmented reality.

The best part? The planner flags conflicting events in your schedule so you’re not double booked with your clients! This user-friendly planner helps you merge the physical with the digital that blows all other notebooks out of the water.

professional organizer certification


This application is the go-to project tracker for teams. If you’re part of a larger home design firm, or just want to keep track of all your clients, projects, and subprojects, this is the app for you. Deadlines are super easy to spot as they are color-coded based on timelines and you can see where your colleagues are at with their own projects, too. This way, many people can work on a single larger project, with updates on individual subtasks and get an overview of past, current, and future projects.

Google Drive

Or any other cloud storage. A place to store contracts, client cards, invoices, and organizing plans. You can access these documents anywhere. You can also enable sharing options so your clients can view, comment, or edit documents depending on what you want them to share. This is can be handy to have if you want to upload the contract and invoices that you accumulate on the job with your client. You’ll both be on the same page at all times!

professional organizer certification


Tracking expenses is not only tedious, but it can also get pretty confusing if you’re working with multiple clients simultaneously. Who was it that needed that dresser again? Automatically import expenses from your business/company credit card, and the app will generate expense reports for free!

They made recording expenses is easier than ever with text-recognition technology that crawls over the photos you snap of your receipts using their app. These reports can not only help you as an individual or as a team member in a company, but it can also be useful to provide evidence of your expenses to your client to help you get reimbursed faster!


The ultimate home design blog has their own app! This app is a one-stop-shop for any professional organization who’s in need of a little inspiration. Just like the website, the app lets you browse through thousands of photos of different rooms, styles, and products, which you can save to your “ideabooks.” You can also access Houzz’s database of products and local professionals for all your organizing needs.

professional organizer certification


This award-winning app allows you to create floor plans by just taking pictures of the space! The app analyzes the photo and can estimate the measurement details of the objects in the photo. You can get a good idea of the kind of furniture you can put into a space by looking at your product measurements and comparing it to the app’s analysis of your physical dimensions! You’ll never have to worry about whether that new ottoman or book shelf will be able to fit in your clients’ space.

Remember that you’re still the professional

The latest Smartphone and tablet apps can make our jobs easier than ever, but they can’t replace our jobs! They are designed to appeal to the masses to catch as many people at once. But your job is to find customizable, specific organizing solutions that suit your clients’ needs and lifestyle. As such, remember to always communicate with your clients!

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  • Yvonne Thomas says:

    I personally think the organizer should listen to what the client wants, not what the organizer wants to do. I had one, stated No. 1 item on top of the list that that was top priority, but they did not this said they would it tomorrow, I was left doing that chore the next day. Not the way I wanted it , but it is what it is when they prefer to do what they chose. Did not have them return again. Not a satisfied customer. When they left the second they stacked a bunch of boxes up against a hard place for me to get to so consequently I had to move them myself. They should have been more tuned to my needs. Clutter was put into totes, I could that all day long. I had assumed that they would put these item where belong, I. e tooth brushes in bath room, toilet paper etc.

    I was an organizer for an office that needed organizer, I organized all filing cabinets, made new tabs, labels, and organized all literature for the principals they had. It was done to their liking and received a $5,000 bonus when job was finished.

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