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Too much clutter and too little time is a common plight for clients who seek out the expertise of professional organizers. There is too much clutter and chaos, and not enough hours in the day to tackle the problem themselves, so they hire a professional to help get their lives back on track.

Although many clients know when to reach out to a professional organizer, there are others that could seriously benefit from a certified organizer’s knowledge and skills – but don’t realize it! Read on for 5 clients who don’t know they need a professional organizer, and start including these hidden targets in your marketing plan.

1. Corporate directors

When it comes to professional organizing jobs, no two days are the same! Your expertise covers both organization in the home as well as corporate offices, which makes you a valuable professional for all types of clients. Corporate offices, in particular, are spaces where clutter, chaos, and disorganization abound – with a number of different employees in one concentrated area, this is inevitable!

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However, it is up to the supervisor to take charge of the situation and ensure their employees stay on track with their filing systems and workspaces, and many corporate directors have no idea that they can seriously benefit from the work of a professional organizer. Perhaps they’re not clear on what a professional organizer does, or that their work extends to offices. Regardless, they have real potential as a client, so be sure to target them through your marketing strategy with social media and word-of-mouth. You never know which office is totally out-of-order and needs your professional touch to make it run smoothly again!

2. Busy mothers

Running a household is not for the faint of heart. Anyone juggling a full-time job with children and other responsibilities can attest to the fact that living spaces become chaotic very quickly. For busy mothers especially, it is extremely difficult to find a few moments for themselves throughout the day, let alone an hour or two to organize their homes!

This is where you come in! A busy parent may not make the connection between a professional organizer and their upside-down, disorganized life. They may assume that your services are better suited to home offices and closets in disarray. This is why it’s so important to target your services to busy parents and emphasize that not only can you whip their current bedrooms, living rooms, and playrooms into shape, you can also help them put more organized systems in place to eliminate chaos and improve their family’s life.

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They’ll have more time to spend with their family and a better well-being as a result of your services, so make it well known that your skills can be a huge advantage for parents and families!

3. The bereaved

When you enrolled in a professional organizing course, we can bet that bereaved families and friends were the last thing on your mind! However, this is a very real group of individuals who need the help of a professional organizer. And here’s why – when a loved one passes away, often their family or friends will want to keep or sell their personal items, and put their home on the market. It’s not easy, however, to simply do away with all of these cherished (and not-so-cherished) possessions. Plus, estates must be emptied out which requires a serious amount of sorting, organizing, shipping, and sometimes even auctioning off these items.

When a bereaved family realizes the extent of the work that needs to be completed, they’ll feel totally overwhelmed and not know who to turn to. It’s an emotional and difficult time, which doesn’t make things easier! They won’t know that a professional organizer can help them sort through things, organize them, and lend a hand with the auction, if that’s what they want to do.

Put your professional organizing skills to work in this situation. Along with your kind and compassionate nature, you’ll discover that many new clients in this position will be seeking help.

 4. Shopaholics

We’re all guilty of the occasional splurge when it comes to clothing and accessories, but for some, it’s a real problem. An addiction to shopping often results in the accumulation of far too many items in the home, which leads to disorganization and clutter that just increases over the years. The sad fact is, for many shopaholics, a great deal of money can be saved if they took the time to organize what they already own, instead of constantly purchasing more. Many shoppers are also ashamed of their habit (and credit card bill), and hate the idea of seeking out help to get their lives and finances back on track.

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But they really do need your help! By organizing a client’s closet, they can take inventory of their clothing, books, accessories, and other items that they already own. Who knows – a shopaholic can completely turn their life around with your advice and systems, and could refer you to others just like themselves who desperately need your help.

5. Workaholics

Similar to the above, workaholics need help managing their personal lives! A lot of people take their careers very seriously – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But when it starts to take over your life, stress will set in and take a huge toll on your mental health and physical capacity. Although you wouldn’t think that forgetting to relax is a common problem, it can be quite rampant in high-paced offices!

If you encounter a client who seems to work too hard all the time, you can be a great resource for getting them back on track with hobbies they love. Simply helping them carve out time from their busy schedule to spend with family and friends can make all the difference. Most workaholics just need a little reminder that it’s okay to take some time to yourself – the work will still be there, and they’ll still be way ahead of the game!

6. New business owners

Starting your own business is the dream of many workers who dread the 9-5. To finally be able to achieve that goal, set their own hours, and have total freedom is a wonderful feeling – but it requires a ton of work and organization. Whether they’re based out of a home office or a building downtown, they need to make sure that their work space runs like a well-oiled machine. No one wants to miss important client appointments and lose out on potential income, or put a disorganized, messy face forward when making a first impression. Since new business owners may be overwhelmed as they get their business off the ground, they can also be totally clueless about the services provided by a professional organizer, and how beneficial they can be for a startup.

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In your role, you can put some extremely valuable tools in place to keep your client on the ball when it comes to managing files and other paperwork, and setting up items like whiteboards to keep their days flowing smoothly. You can also help them put together a system to manage finances, since this is a huge component of business ownership they don’t want to get behind on. Maintaining good records and setting up an invoicing system will allow them to run their new business as smoothly as possible – and they’ll have some of your tricks to ensure they stay on track!

They’ll be grateful for your guidance and advice, and who knows – your client base might grow alongside theirs from a few glowing reviews!

Find out how to ace challenging topics in a professional organizer course, and gain valuable skills for your career! 

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