Social media is absolutely necessary these days to garner exposure for your business. Sometimes it’s the best way to showcase your work to people who might not have otherwise found you. But maintaining a social media presence to move your business forward requires you to use familiar platforms differently from your personal accounts.

If this is your first foray into social media since starting your business, keep reading to learn how to effectively use social media to boost your salary!

Using social media for your professional organizing business

Create original content

Connect with new followers by generating as much original content as possible. This may sound difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Things go viral because people identify with them. It can be as easy as creating a quick infographic on organizing a sock drawer or even writing a relatable personal-organization meme. You do not need to invest in big-budget video production in order to succeed on the web! Focus on your target market and tailor your material to the needs of your reader. If you can create content that’s short, concise and easy to understand, you’ll generate interest around your business—potentially converting casual Facebook onlookers into paying clients!

Special offers

Special promotions are a great way to grow your potential client list! Especially since the new year has just passed, a lot of people may be looking for a professional organizer to follow through on their new year’s resolutions. The best way to engage your audience and raise brand awareness is to give a discount or some other limited time offer to loyal followers. Your offer doesn’t have to be so exorbitant that it ruins your budget! Many clients would like a free consultation or product that lines up with your services. Incentivizing clicks, likes, and shares will grow brand awareness and your business!

Facebook and Google ads

You have to spend money to make money! Promote your special offers by paying for ads to show up when internet users casually browsing the web. Unless people are actively searching for professional organizers, chances are they would never be exposed to your services. Make sure that your ads are targeted—you don’t want to spend money on ads that are too general that they don’t captivate your audience. Keep your audience interests in mind and tell them how they can benefit you.

Creating an online presence for your professional organizing business

Respond quickly and professionally

Make sure that you respond to all inquiries in the same professional manner as you would through your other forms of contact. Yes, social media is a place for more casual posts than your business website. But you have to make sure that you are still operating professionally! Proofread your responses and make sure you are courteous, clear, and concise. Don’t just coldly redirect them to your website. You should be friendly and respond to their inquiries in full. Just don’t overstep your boundaries and become too chummy. Keep things personable not personal!


If you have a presence on Twitter, you’re already halfway there. Search up hashtags relevant to your business and try to incorporate them if they make sense. Don’t make the mistake of co-opting serious hashtags and trying to cram it into your tweets—users will see through it and you may end up risking your professional reputation! And don’t try to create every word into a hashtag in a single tweet… You still want to keep your tweets legible and professional.

Encourage reviews

If your clients are satisfied with your service, encourage them to leave a public review. When they put in the time and effort to do this, make sure that you engage with them! Social media is about interaction after all. You should also be diligent in responding to their posts and reviews to solve any qualms and thank them for reaching out. By leaving your responses public, potential clients can see just how much you value your customers and take it into consideration when considering your services.

How to make industry connections as an interior decorator and professional organizer


Join online groups with your competitors. While it may seem counterintuitive, reaching out and making industry connections with other professional organizers can help you build your client list. If your competitors are overworked or simply cannot take on another client, they may refer clients or projects to you. Be kind, respectful, and helpful, and you’ll have no trouble making friends with shared goals. You may even decide to start a business with someone else who shares the same ambitions or collaborate on a contract. Don’t leave any doors unopened!

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