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Since you are in the business of selling, you know the importance of quality. In the real estate industry, home staging can turn an empty house into someone’s dream home.

So, why not offer this service yourself? You will become the best you possibly can be! We promise that your future clients and portfolio will thank you.

Continue reading to learn about how a home staging certification can improve your career in the real estate market!

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Your Glowing Reputation                            

The real estate market can be very confusing. From all the appointment scheduling, cleaning, redecorating and unexpected turns of events, even the most organized people can go crazy! Whether your clients are buyers or sellers, after the excitement wears off, the process can become exhausting.

It is your job as a real estate agent to make their experiences as painless as can be. This includes ensuring their transactions are as timely as possible. One of the best ways you can do this is by making sure a home is looking gorgeous and move-in ready!

By showing homes in this state, you will become associated with a high caliber of homes! The ability to show a home in its best possible light also improves your reputation as a realtor. And who could complain about being known for selling the most beautifully decorated and furnished homes?

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Full Service Agent, Anyone?

Along the same vein, this new reputation will likely earn you a new title! How does a full service real estate agent sound to you? This designation will set you apart from local competition and help attract a larger clientele base.

You will essentially become the one stop shop that eager clients are looking for! Providing a complete offering will ensure that you are never missing out on any opportunities! It will also make your job easier and allow you to work more independently. No more waiting for the stager or photographer to fit your clients in. You can do it all!

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The Incentive

We hope you didn’t think we were done talking about the business benefits that home staging can offer. One of the most attractive aspects of adding home staging services to your portfolio is the financial incentive!

Invest in yourself and you will reap the rewards. By bundling your services, you can charge a higher commission. Increasing the value of your offers will allow you to earn more and your clients will receive better service in the process. When we are talking about listing prices, the more is definitely the merrier!

Anyone moving house will agree that extra cash is very welcome!

Home staging will help any home stand out in the market. This is especially true when buyers have been touring unfurnished model homes! Improving the presentation of homes will also encourage shoppers to place their offers quickly.

A well-decorated home can help buyers envision themselves in a space, and depersonalizing is important for appealing to a wider audience. This is why staged homes tend to earn higher offers!  As an added benefit, the sellers will be pleased to see how you have optimized their space. Maybe they’ll even pick up some ideas for their new home!

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Personal Growth

Learning to stage homes will also help you grow as a person! Yes, you heard right. We know it sounds a little farfetched, but there is so much to learn! Opening your eyes to the design side of the real estate business can improve your understanding of the industry.

You will undoubtedly become better at working with clients by learning home staging. Sellers and buyers alike often complain that real estate agents don’t truly listen to their wishes and concerns. Although this may not always be the case, sometimes it’s a simple miscommunication that can cause these unwelcome feelings.

When a client has a wish list it can be difficult to show them a house that ticks all the boxes! This is especially true when a house is empty. In this case, even the most creative individuals will find it hard to visualize a space’s potential! With a home staging certification under your belt, you will be able to analyze any space you come across. This would allow you to explain to clients how you would stage the home – or in their case, decorate it!

Trust us when we say that you will grow not only in terms of your client base but in your ability to empathize with your clients as well.

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Higher Turnover Rate

Could your career benefit from quicker turnover rates? We already know the answer to that question – absolutely! One of home staging’s most attractive benefits is faster selling times. This is beneficial to the seller as well as to you – their realtor. After all, the sooner you sell their house, the sooner they can pack up and you can start working on new projects!

One study found that un-staged homes sell in an average of 125 days. When you stage a home it only takes an average of 22 days to be taken off the market! Your clients will feel much less stressed when their homes are sold quickly! After all, the real estate market is still a market. And for fellow shoppers, homes are a very expensive and risky product.

So, what do you have to lose? The worst that can happen is that you earn your commission too fast and your clients need you to help them find a new home sooner than expected!

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Side Hustle

The real estate market has its seasonal highs and lows. Typically, real estate agents are less busy in the winter months. People tend to prefer moving in warmer weather – can we blame them? Unfortunately, this can cause a bit of an issue for you real estate agents who depend on commissions.

Unless you are already #1 in your area, you likely feel this slow pace every winter. Rather than wait for the market to spring back to life, why not consider a side hustle?

I bet you can guess the particular side job we are thinking of! As a real estate agent, you already have contacts and a client base in the industry. Offering separate home staging services during market lulls may provide your career with the boost it needs!

Whether you work independently, or as part of a real estate firm, home staging services will be incredibly valuable to your career. Besides increasing your salary, you could even see home staging as an opportunity to start your own side business! Give it some thought – it may be the perfect fit for your offseason grind.

If you have seen an amazing home staging transformation, please let us know in the comments!

Have we convinced you that a home staging certification can enhance your career? Check out our online home staging course!

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