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When taking on interior decorating jobs, you’ll quickly find that a LOT of your clients will appreciate practical, cost-effective solutions within their home. Importantly, these solutions should also be visually appealing and multifunctional.

Want to be able to offer unique, fun decor ideas for your clients’ future projects We’re going to share 3 awesome hacks with you right here and now!

Maria Papailiadis Reveals Her 3 Favorite IKEA Hacks

Maria Papailiadis is a Student Ambassador of QC Design School. She’s currently enrolled in QC’s Interior Decorating, Staging for Designers, and Virtual Design Training courses. As an aspiring designer, Maria is always looking for innovative, budget-friendly ways to achieve spectacular results!

Join her as she breaks down 3 efficient IKEA hacks she’s implemented within her own home. Watch the full video below!

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Why Design Hacks Can Elevate Your Interior Decorating Jobs

First thing’s first: what IS a “design hack”?

It’s an alternative method for achieving beautiful and/or multipurpose design elements within a home. Often, a hack is considered simpler and/or more affordable. For example, your client CAN pay for a brand-new dresser in their master bedroom. However, they can also refurbish an existing, second-hand dresser and transform it into a work of art… for a fraction of the price!

So, why should you maximize one or more design hacks in your interior decorating jobs? Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Design hacks are often easier on your client’s wallet;
  • They offer unlimited creative potential;
  • Your clients can get directly involved (if they so choose) in the makeover process;
  • Design hacks allow for countless multifunctional opportunities, which your clients will appreciate;
  • And more!

Pro Tip for Your Interior Decorating Jobs: Get Professional Training First!

Design hacks are, by their very nature, meant to be user-friendly for the everyday person. Even someone with no prior design training can take advantage of a design hack and produce great results. That being said, to work as a professional, getting properly trained is a MUST!

When you take a certification course, you’ll learn all of the fundamentals of design – such as theory, principles, concepts, and techniques. Moreover, you’ll also be able to use your expertise to take common design hacks to the next level! Your insight and industry knowledge will WOW your clients and bring their visions to life. Best of all, you can do this in a straightforward, cost-effective way (whenever possible).

QC Design School’s Interior Decorating Course

QC’s Interior Decorating Course is 7 units long and jam-packed with loads of invaluable information! You’ll discover:

  • The history of home design;
  • Elements and principles of decorating;
  • How to create floorplans;
  • The ins and outs of working with various design materials;
  • How to work with lighting functions and fixtures;
  • Specialized rooms and how to play to their strengths;
  • The secrets to long-lasting client relations;
  • Everything you need to know to launch (and run) your very own business;
  • And SO much more!

Furthermore, you’ll be tutored by a real industry expert and get tons of useful feedback throughout your course. Hands-on training will guarantee that you’re ready for the real world upon graduation. And the best part? When you’ve completed your program, you’ll get an internationally-recognized Design and Decorating Professional (IDDP) certification!

So, what are you waiting for? Take your interior decorating jobs to new heights by getting trained with QC Design School!

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  • Daniella De Luca says:

    I am a big fan of design hacks in my own home and for clients!! A big part of my virtual services is guidance and development of various hacks that clients can take on themselves. Having my QC education has taken my design hacks (and design in general!) to the next level by providing me with so much knowledge which in turn has helped me grow creatively!

    • Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

      Wow, Daniella, that’s so cool that your business offers this sort of service to clients!!! We’re beyond thrilled to hear that your QC training has not only positively impacted your interior decorating jobs, but your industry knowledge as a whole. We couldn’t be more grateful that you chose to pursue your professional training with us. You’re a total rock star! xx

      All the best,
      The QC Team

  • Bradley Schlagheck says:

    IKEA is the greatest place for basics to create something unique! Thanks for all the tips!

  • Alexa Jorgenson says:

    Excellent tips that every designer can benefit from learning!

    • Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

      We’re so happy to hear that you feel this way, Alexa! <3 And we definitely agree - Maria has offered some truly fantastic tips that EVERY designer can use during their future interior decorating jobs... or even just within their OWN home! What's YOUR favorite design hack (in general)? 🙂

      All the best,
      The QC Team

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