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So far, 2020 has felt like a bit of a rough year, to say the least. But even amidst everything going on with COVID-19, there’s still time to turn things around!

Because here’s the truth: yes, being stuck at home and having to socially distance yourself from others sucks… But it also provides you with a very unique and beneficial opportunity!

While we’re definitely not saying that this pandemic is in any way a good thing, we are saying that there are ways you can make the best of it. Regular life can often get so hectic, that we make excuses to put off pursuing many of our goals and career aspirations. But chances are that  you’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately.

You’ve likely found yourself pretty bored at times, in need of something productive to keep your mind stimulated. So why not use your circumstances to your advantage? Instead of seeing only the downside to this situation, see it as a chance to finally make the time to embark upon your dreams!

How can you do this? By earning your professional designer certification, of course!

Online school is safe!

If you want to get your education right now, the only real option is to do your schooling online. For starters, most brick-and-mortar schools are currently closed. If they aren’t, then with the potential risk they pose of exposing you to unwanted germs or illnesses, you don’t want to be attending them at the moment anyways!

Online schools, on the other hand, provide you the same high-quality level of learning – all from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to go anywhere or be around anyone in order to take your course.

COVID-19 doesn’t have to prevent you from furthering your education, earning your certification, and starting your professional design career!

Eventually, this WILL pass, and things will go back to normal. Online design school will help you best prepare yourself so that when that time comes, you can hit the ground running!

It’s good for your mental health!

To put it lightly: things have been really hard on people lately. The COVID-19 crisis has made many of us scared, stressed, and anxious. On top of all this, being cooped up at home and unable to socialize isn’t really helping matters.

All of this can have a really negative impact on our overall mental health. Without positive copping strategies to keep us busy, and our minds focused, our morale can quickly drop. During a time when everything seems bleak, we need something to help us stay motivated and in good spirits.

Focusing your energy on your schooling and future career goals can be that ‘something’! Not only does it productively pass the time right now – it’s giving you something awesome to look forward to in the future!

Because as bad as things currently seem, it WON’T last forever. It can feel difficult to remember that sometimes, but it’s true. Working towards all the great things you’ll achieve in your career someday is a good way to help you keep some positive perspective.

Online school is convenient!

Realistically, though, many of you are probably still pretty busy. Some of you may still be working; others may have children to look after. If you were thinking of in-person design classes, one major downside is that your personal schedule wouldn’t be taken into consideration. Brick-and-mortar schools often come with their own schedules, due dates, and deadlines.

In many cases, it’ll be up to YOU to find a way to make your school and home schedules work without conflicting with one another. And if you can’t? That’s too bad! In-person classes have to think of all their students, so they can’t cater their curriculum to just one person.

Online design courses, on the other hand, have only you in mind! Many of them are wholly flexible, in the sense that they don’t have any due dates or deadlines! You get to create your own schedule, and do as much or as little schoolwork as your schedule allows.

At a time when – at the very least – you likely have some extra free time on your hands, why not use it effectively and devote it to your studies?

Pro tip: Just keep in mind that, in order to avoid procrastinating on your course, it’s worth it to implement some sort of school schedule that you feel you can realistically follow. Many of our students have found that by simply spending 1-2 hours a WEEK on their studies, they were able to complete their course in 3-6 months! This is more than doable for most lifestyles!

It’s also affordable, even during a pandemic!

While online design schools provide the same quality of education and training as in-person schools do, they tend to have considerably cheaper tuition rates. This is because there are no fees or maintenance costs required to run a physical campus.

On top of this, many online schools will provide payment plans that are lower in cost, and generally more affordable, than brick-and-mortar institutions. For example, QC Design School’s most popular program, the Interior Decorating Course, only costs a fraction of what an Interior Decorating Course would typically cost at a physical school. Furthermore, students can choose to pay the tuition for as little $89 upfront, followed by $87 per month afterwards.

At a time when money may be a little tighter than usual, providing this option ensures that students don’t have to sacrifice their opportunity to further their education, or go broke in the process!

Online design school offers a wide variety of different courses!

Do you want to be an Interior Decorator? What about a Professional Organizer? Do you wish to focus primarily on Feng Shui, home staging, or Aging in Place design?

When researching online design schools, check to see how much variety their programs offer. A reputable design school that truly knows its stuff should be able to provide you with extensive training in multiple different areas of the industry.

After all, even if you receive your certification in one specific area, you may want to go back at a later date and add to your skill-set. Just because you start out as an Interior Decorator, doesn’t mean you can’t also branch out into color consulting or professional organizing (for example).

The beauty of these professions is that they all work individually – but they all work even better together!

The more certifications and training under your belt, the stronger your resume will be. Not to mention, your business will be more well-rounded as a whole, and you’ll be all the more impressive to potential clients!

Online design school offers a wonderful opportunity for you to not only maximize your time at home effectively, but still progress in your career goals, uninterrupted!

Take a bad situation and transform it into a positive one that you can use to your advantage! Earn your design certification so that when life inevitably goes back to normal, you can take the world by storm!

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