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Do you work in real estate? If so, you’ve probably noticed that the market is booming again, in light of the COVID pandemic gradually coming to a long-awaited end. As a result, now is the PERFECT time to add to your qualifications by enrolling in home staging courses.

HOW will this education benefit your career?

QC Design School Student Ambassador, Alexa Jorgenson, breaks down 6 critical reasons!

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A Little About Me

Hello, everyone! My name is Alexa Jorgenson and I’m a Student Ambassador of QC Design School. I’m also licensed real estate agent in Orange County, California. I have graduated from QC’s Virtual Design Training Course, Professional Organizing Course, and Interior Decorating Course. Moreover, I’m also currently enrolled in their Staging for Designers Course.

(If you’d like to learn about ALL of the courses QC Design School offers, you can check out the full list here!)

In this article, I’ll be discussing the real estate market post-COVID. Together, we’ll examine the value of home staging in the world of real estate. Furthermore, I’ll also break down 6 important reasons why real estate agents should take home staging courses… and why you should acquire this training through QC Design School!

The Real Estate Market Post-COVID

We’ve been experiencing a global pandemic for the past year. Thus, many people cannot help but wonder what exactly is going to happen to the real estate market. Will it get any better? Or will the proverbial ‘ghost town’ that was 2020’s real estate market be the new norm forevermore?

Luckily, we’ve got GREAT news!

Housing report data depicts that there is NO crash coming! In fact, it’s looking to be the total opposite: we’re now back in a hot market that’s expected to stay that way for quite some time! Open houses are becoming a regular process again, real estate agents are getting back into work, and people are buying and selling faster than ever.

So, basically, if you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, now is an EXCELLENT time to do so!

Home Staging and Real Estate

The job of a home stager is to make a house look its best and appeal to a broad range of people. Home stagers work on making a property look nice at a relatively low cost, before that home goes on the market. Logically, it goes without saying that home staging is a complementary service to real estate!

Here’s why: if your client’s home looks nice, it’s guaranteed to produce a greater profit for the sellers – as well as for you, as their listing agent. This isn’t mere speculation, either. Rather, it’s a proven fact!

This is because home staging helps depersonalize an inhabited home. It can also help decorate a vacant home by creating a beautiful space that attracts a large array of potential buyers. A staged home will more often sell faster and for a higher value than unstaged homes. Therefore, home staging is an essential service in real estate.

6 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Take Home Staging Courses

Based off my experience and education in both real estate and professional staging, here are 6 of my top reasons why real estate agents should take home staging courses…

Reason #1: Home staging training will help you sell clients’ homes faster!

Clients who are ready to sell are usually ready to sell fast. The last thing they want to do is find a new home – only to then have TWO mortgages because their old home isn’t selling quickly enough. By getting trained and certified in a home staging course, you’ll be better equipped to paint a depersonalized picture of what the home can look like for potential buyers. As a result, your client’s property will get more offers and spend less time on the market!

Sold Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.

Reason #2: You can help clients attract a better sales price!

Clients may want to sell fast, but they’ll only want to choose an offer that meets (or is better than) their asking price. Knowing how to properly stage a home can help it look even more beautiful to prospective buyers. Thus, the asking price and final sales price will more than likely increase. Talk about a win-win for your client!

Reason #3: Home staging courses will teach you how to make your clients’ houses stand out from the competition!

Remember: your client’s home will not be the only one that potential buyers see. In reality, they’ll attend multiple showings for multiple different properties. You, as the real estate agent, want to ensure that your client’s home stands out from the other homes on the market!

This is where professional home staging can make ALL the difference. If your client’s house is more visually appealing than the other homes potential buyers have seen, this will definitely leave a positive lasting impression! As a result, even more buyers will be drawn to your client’s home – and will compete to purchase it as their own!

Reason #4: You’ll know how to reach a larger scale of potential buyers!

In large part, this is because home staging courses will teach you to create a general appeal to your client’s home. Firstly, professional staging depersonalizes a home and makes it more attractive to a larger target market. This is because staging helps the space to look new and previously unoccupied – even if that isn’t the case.

Moreover, depersonalizing a home (and decorating it with current trending pieces) will drastically increase the number of potential buyers who can see themselves living in that space. As such, your client will probably get a LOT more offers!

Focus on bunch of keys from house flat apartment in hand of smiling female. Blurred portrait of confident woman professional realtor offering new dwelling real estate unit to potential buyer.

Reason #5: Home staging courses will help you know whether a home is (or isn’t) ready for the market!

As a real estate agent, being able to offer home staging services to your clients can definitely help them avoid costly mistakes! Some clients may mistakenly believe that their home doesn’t need any changes before listing it on the market. Others might go to the other extreme and think they need to redesign their entire home.

Realistically, doing either of these things can potentially be costly. If they do nothing to spruce up their home before listing it, their property might not sell nearly as quickly or at the price the client wants. Alternately, redesigning the entire home is typically unnecessary. It’s also quite pricey, too.

By taking home staging courses and gaining all that additional knowledge, you can help guide your clients on the right path. Together, you can assist them in making the right, necessary changes the home actually needs. What’s more – you’ll know how to approach these changes in a cost-effective way, while still producing the most profit in the long run.

Reason #6: You’ll know how to better maximize virtual photos of your client’s home!

Fun fact: professional home staging does wonders when the time comes to have virtual photos taken of your client’s space. Typically, when a home is for sale, its listing will be available on more than one website. As part of this digital listing, potential buyers will expect to see a thorough selection of photos showing off the home… And they’ll expect these photos to be of the highest quality!

If a house is not staged well, people will quickly lose interest and move onto the next listing. Remember: when people physically walk into a home, they form a first impression in as little as 7 seconds. This first impression can make ALL the difference between a potential buyer and a lost sale. Similarly, the same applies when your client’s home is viewed online. 

Enrolling in home staging courses will not only teach you how to stage your client’s home properly for in-person viewings; it’ll also teach you how to present it properly online, too. This is essential, as there are many homes out there and little time to look at all of them. So, it’s critical that your client’s property stands out right from the get-go!

Furthermore, since we’ve been in a pandemic, many people are remote and online for the time being. Not everyone feels comfortable attending an in-person open house or viewing. Some people literally can’t yet. For this additional reason, you definitely want to make sure your client’s home is staged well for pictures!

Photographer taking a photo of a modern bedroom for market listing

QC Design School’s Home Staging Courses

QC Design School will help you acquire invaluable skills in the real estate industry because they offer not one, but TWO home staging courses to choose from! It all depends on your goals and previous qualifications. Firstly, QC offers its Home Staging Course. This course is the optimal choice for those with little to no previous training in home design.

Alternately, you can also enroll in their Staging for Designer Course. This certification program is perfect if you’re completing (or have already completed) their Interior Decorating Course.

Why I Enrolled in The Staging for Designers Course

I enrolled in the Staging for Designers Course because I already have excellent  design training from QC’s Interior Decorating Course. In fact, the Interior Decorating Course complements the Staging for Designers Course very well! Moreover, having professional training in interior decorating allows me to be of even greater service to my real estate clients.

This is because I can guide them in properly decorating their own space AND depersonalizing that space in order to stage their home for the market. As I progress further into my Staging for Designers training, I expect to see my career positively impacted. After all, I’ll acquire even more industry knowledge, thereby allowing me to offer even greater staging services to my clients.

Moving can be a very challenging time for anyone. Being able to offer a multitude of services to clients – especially during this time – can make the process so much easier for them!

Home staging courses article last in-post image, home stager sets up a white apartment with a plant

Final Thoughts

In summation, home staging is an essential skill that real estate agents can (and SHOULD) offer their clients. This service will make the client’s buying and selling experience easier.

Moreover, QC Design School offers the proper training you need to offer a variety of services to your clients. To sum it up, I have 3 top reasons why I personally recommend QC to designers and real estate agents alike:

  • QC’s certification courses can be completed at your own pace within a 2-year timeframe. As a result, you can work full-time and still pursue your design training whenever your schedule allows it.
  • QC Design School offers a wide variety of affordable classes. Furthermore, you can choose to pay for your program upfront or by taking advantage of the school’s low monthly payment plan.
  • All of QC’s tutors are AMAZING! After you submit each unit in your course, your assigned instructor gives you extensive, personalized audio feedback. All of my tutors are so nice, and I’ve truly appreciated their incredibly valuable insights and feedback.

If you enjoyed reading this article, please leave a comment below. Let me know which piece of advice I’ve given that resonates with you most – or add to this list with reasons I didn’t cover!

And as always, feel free to connect with me in the Virtual Classroom on Facebook. I look forward to seeing you there! 🙂

Enroll in QC Design School’s home staging course and earn your certification in as little as 3-6 months!

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    Great read!! I agree anyone in real estate would benefit from the home staging course!! Staging can make such a huge impact in the sale of a home!!

    • Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Daniella! We definitely agree! Real estate and home staging are such complementary services, it only makes sense that by taking home staging courses, a realtor could improve their business and client services! 🙂

      All the best,
      The QC Team

  • Bradley Schlagheck says:

    Home Staging and Real Estate are amazing industries that work so closely together. Knowing the ins and outs and what can help sell a home are key! Great info and tips from another QC Graduate 🙂

  • Taylor says:

    Home staging is so important in those make or break moments especially in this hot market! What an excellent article on how these two areas are directly connected!

    • Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

      Hi Taylor, thanks so much for commenting! We couldn’t agree more! We’re so glad you found this article beneficial. 🙂 What was your FAVORITE piece of information talked about in this article? :D\

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      The QC Team

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