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Let’s call a spade a spade: for the most part, 2020 has really sucked so far. If someone from the past traveled to the present, and we tried to explain all of the horrible events that’ve happened this year, it would some like something straight out of a horror movie. To many of us, 2020 seems to have been the year of bad luck. So, what if I told you that by learning the art of Feng Shui design, you could begin turning things back around?

It might sound farfetched, but it’s true! Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that harnesses energy forces in order to promote peace, tranquility, and positivity within both you and your living space. By knowing how to arrange your home, which colors to highlight, and what decor to utilize, you can rid yourself of all that negative energy 2020 has been throwing your way!

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why 2020 is the perfect time to take a Feng Shui course…

feng shui yin and yang symbol with fish swimming around it

1 – You’ll Learn How to Truly Make Your House a Home

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my home completely clutter-free?
  • Is my furniture arranged in a way that allows healthy energy flow?
  • Have I chosen wall and decor colors that evoke positive emotions?
  • Does my home have any plant life that allows me to connect with nature?
  • Ultimately, do I feel like my home is my sanctuary?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of the above, it means that your home likely has stuffy, negative energy lurking in all sorts of nooks and crannies. Given that 2020 is already sending us bad vibes every time we turn around, there’s no reason why our homes should be adding to it.

Your living space should be the place that brings you joy. It should allow you to unwind, re-center yourself, and find tranquility. Feng Shui training teaches you how to achieve this through calculated, practical steps.

2 – Feng Shui is Excellent Soul Food

Many believe that Feng Shui has a positive effect on our mental health, and it’s not hard to see why. When we live in chaos, it becomes impossible to have a clear, calm mind. In many ways, 2020 has brought very little except fear, uncertainty, and stress. This alone can wreak havoc on our well-being. If, at the end of the day, we then go home to a messy, unorganized home, our mental health is only going to suffer even more.

By controlling our home environment, we regain an overall sense of control within our lives. By setting up our home in a way that promotes positive energy, we cleanse ourselves of any negative energy that threatens to surround us.

A peaceful home equals a peaceful mind!

3 – You’ll Open Yourself Up to a Successful Career

Millions of people across the world lost their jobs in 2020, thanks to COVID-19. Many who have returned to work are now facing uncertainty once again, in light of the second wave. Business industries everywhere are unsure what tomorrow will bring. As an employee, it places a gigantic question mark over your future – and this is a terrible position to have to be in.

When you take a Feng Shui Course, you’re getting more than just a professional education. You’re also going to get a professional certification. This will allow you to launch a career in the field of design, embark upon a brand-new journey, and provide your expertise to clients in need.

But it gets better! Look for a course that also provides you with business training, and you’ll then be prepared to start up your very own business afterwards. Many of QC Design School’s students and grads, for example, have commented on the fact that by starting their own business, they were able to find work and obtain a sense of job security that they wouldn’t have had otherwise this year.

As a Feng Shui designer, there are plenty of ways for you to book clients and take on projects, both in-person and online. By receiving the right kind of training, you can adapt the business you create so that the pandemic (and the effects of social distancing) don’t negatively impact your success.

To learn more, read on about the various ways e-design services will allow your business to thrive in 2020 – even during COVID-19.

2020 hasn’t been kind to us in the least. It’s brought a lot of bad luck, and even worse energy. By becoming a Feng Shui expert, you’ll be able to turn all that bad luck into good luck – not just for you, but for countless others as well!

So, what are you waiting for? 2020 isn’t over yet. Use these next couple months to turn the tides and end the year on a high note!

Until October 18th, 2020, earn a DOUBLE certification at no additional cost. Enroll in QC’s Feng Shui Design Course and receive any second course absolutely FREE!

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