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Applying feng shui design to a home is quite an involved process. It takes a lot of time and energy to balance the Ch’i of every room. As such, some people become discouraged and don’t even want to try. But did you know that a faster option exists? It won’t be quite as thorough, but you’ll be able to refresh your space and re-energize your home!

Ready to begin? Here’s our list of the best feng shui room design ideas for a fast room cleanse!


Decluttering is arguably one of the best tactics to employ if you want to see a fast and dramatic change in your living spaces. Go through all the items you have lying around in the open and the items that have been hastily tucked away. Everything has a home, so reacquaint wayward items with their appropriate drawers and cabinets. A clear space makes for a clear head. Do your best to sort everything and put them away! But make sure you don’t create a junk drawer.

Your junk drawer may be hidden away from sight. But it’s not out of mind! A junk drawer can weigh down on your subconscious. These loose objects block good Ch’i flow. Empty out these catch-all spaces and try your best to sort them. If they don’t belong anywhere, ask yourself if you see yourself needing it in the near future. Discard or donate as necessary.

balancing rocks for feng shui design


Re-examining your spaces for proportion can make a huge difference. The size and amount of furniture in a room should be balanced with the size of the room. Did you notice that you were struggling to get from the television to the sofa? Or what about trying to squeeze out from around a chair when you’re trying to get to the bathroom from the dining table. These may be minor inconveniences for you. But if you’re having trouble moving about in your space, so will your Ch’i! Fixing up a space could be as easy as swapping the oversized chair for a smaller one from a different room.

Adding plants

Plants visually brighten up a room and purify the air. For these two reasons alone, they should be present in every home. But their placement in the home makes a big difference. Plants bounce Ch’i flow within the home, slowing down its escape to the outside world. They also help rejuvenate stagnant Ch’i in nooks and crannies that don’t often see a lot of attention. Remember, plants are Ch’i enhancers as long as they’re healthy. If they aren’t well taken care of, they, too, become a barrier to good energy flow!

adding plants for a fast feng shui cleanse

Your home’s Ch’i might be rushing in and out too quickly to nourish the space if you have too many windows. Put down a few plants between the window and the rest of the space as well as other points of entry. They will slow down the Ch’i and allow your space to benefit from fresh energy before it flows out of the house again.

The bathroom is a place associated with water (for obvious reasons). And mirrors, in providing a reflection, also represents the water element. It wouldn’t make much sense to remove the mirror just to decrease the presence of water. Especially since it holds functional value in its daily use, but mirrors also bounce energy around the space. As the toilet and drains in the bathroom often signify the draining of good Ch’i away, a mirror acts as a moderator.

So now with so much water representation, you need to find a way to keep it all in check. To create balance, adding objects with wood can help counter the overwhelming presence of water. Plants work extremely well here. Air plants are a great choice as they thrive in humid conditions! They also balance out the cold, often sterile surfaces of bathrooms.


This is a super easy way to take your room cleanse to the next level without spending too much extra time. Essential oils often possess tested healing and anti-microbial, -bacterial, and -septic properties on top of smelling amazing. They are the Ch’i of their respective plants. Use an essential oil diffuser to impart a light but refreshing scent to your spaces.

Besides selecting oils based on scent, look into their properties. If you’re looking to be energized, peppermint and rosemary would work well. If you’re looking to relax or relieve stress, lavender is a popular choice.

aromatherapy for feng shui design

Open the windows

This is an easy one. Open all the windows on a nice, breezy day. Natural light and fresh air make a difference in ridding stagnant air and re-energizing the space and those inside it. Make sure you take care of the windows. All you need is a bottle of Windex and a rag. This way, you’ll benefit from maximum sunlight entry.

Windows are great when present in moderation, but trouble begins if there are too little, too many, or they don’t open wide enough. Too little, and the home has fewer points of entry for fresh Ch’i. Too many, and the overwhelming amount of Ch’i coming into the home accelerates the flow too much. For the latter, adding curtains or plants can slow the exit of Ch’i energy. And for the former, there’s a way you can introduce the positive feng shui design benefits of a window without hiring a contractor. Hang up landscape paintings—they represent windows and can help boost the energy of a space!

Rearranging furniture

There’s something so satisfying about rearranging a room and having the whole place feel new again! Take the opportunity to maximize the flow of energy while you rearrange your space. For instance, the bed in a bedroom is where people relax and recharge with sleep. Having a sturdy bed makes for stability in their relationships and careers. Placement of the bed can put bad luck at bay and increase success for happier partnerships,

girl opening window for fresh air

Move the bed so it doesn’t directly align with the door. Being exactly lined up creates tension as traditionally the position is associated with the deceased. Push the head of the bed up against the wall. This position grounds the bed with a strong support and creates a protective energy around you as you heal and refresh at night for the following day. Ensure that there’s plenty of space on either side. This way, it isn’t difficult to assess your resting space! Plus, this makes practical sense for beds that sleep two. Having a bed on legs also allows Ch’i to flow under the bed instead of stagnating.

Above all else…

Do what makes you happy! Take the example of painting a room to refresh the space. So you read that flesh-toned colors best suit the bedroom. But does it reflect your personality? Does your room feel like an oasis you’d look forward to retiring to every day? If it doesn’t make you feel happy and comfortable, don’t repaint your room! Just because it traditionally leads to good luck doesn’t mean it’s a blanket rule that’ll make you personally satisfied. It all comes down to how to how you feel.

Make sure you are living in a space you love. Fill it with sentimental objects you cherish. But make sure you cleanse the space regularly of clutter. Just because something is meaningful for you one day doesn’t necessarily mean it still holds the same meaning in the near future!

Any other room cleansing tips we missed? Let us know!

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