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Feeling down lately but can’t put your finger on why? If you don’t know the cause, how do you go about improving your mood? This may sound cliché, but you can improve your inner mood by changing your external surroundings.

You probably split your time between work/school and home for most of your week. While you probably can’t change your surroundings at work or school, you can do something about your home! Does your home look like a tornado has ripped through it? Clutter and disorganization can cause you unnecessary stress. If you can’t relax in the comfort of your own home after a long hard day, where can you?

Take advantage of spring, and invite some new décor in your home. Here are 6 simple ways to improve your state of mind using just home décor!

1. The sounds of nature

If you live in the heart of a city, chances are, you’re probably trying to find ways to drown out the outside hustle and bustle. You may not have access to a babbling brook or even a crackling fireplace, but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape the noise pollution!

What options do you have? The free options involve switching to the fireplace channel or the Rainy Mood playlist on YouTube. But if you’re determined to invite the sounds of nature inside, try a small water fountain. An aesthetically pleasing fountain not only provides you with the soothing sounds of actual flowing water, but it can also be good feng shui!

allowing more light to flood a room as part of home decor

2. Let there be light!

Natural light boosts productivity compared to artificial light. Use the sun as your source of light during the day. Not only will your electricity bill thank you, but you’ll also improve your mood and regulate your circadian rhythm. Circa-what? Your body’s internal clock follows a natural rhythm of wake and sleep cycles. When you use artificial light at night, it tricks your body into thinking it’s still daytime, thus messing up the natural rhythm! If you’ve been having trouble falling asleep at night, artificial light might be the culprit.

Don’t block your windows! Make it easy to open windows to let in fresh air and natural light by moving furniture out of the way. Trap the most natural light into the room by incorporating lighter colors. Whites will reflect more light to open up a space! If you find that the sunlight warms up your home too much in the summer (and your air conditioning bill rises) invest in transparent window films to help control the temperature.

3. Green décor

Green décor is much more than just purchasing fresh flowers. Although, this is a great idea to help you get started! Plants liven up a space and improve air quality. Moreover, studies show that tending to a garden or even indoor plants can improve mood and happiness. Grow herbs by the kitchen window to ensure that you’ll always have the freshest herbs for cooking!

If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t fret! You don’t need to be a horticulturalist to enjoy the benefits of fresh air and vibrant plants. There are many different ways you can incorporate elements of nature such as stone, wood, and flowers into your décor. Tables with wood paneling or stone table tops are great options. Even easier is incorporating floral patterns into your linens!

feng shui relaxing plants and stones for home decor

4. Color Theory

Colors don’t just add variety and interest to a space. It can also help boost your mood! Not everyone has the money to buy a whole new set of furniture when the mood strikes. You’d be surprised what a fresh coat of paint can do! If you don’t feel like tarping over all your furniture to paint, there’s a less labor-intensive solution! Rugs, curtains, and fabrics, in general, are great ways to completely transform a space.

Popular as Instagram backdrops for flatlays, white fake-fur rugs are trending. The silkier and fluffier the rug, the more luxurious and sophisticated the room feels! But the mood-improvements really come from the color you choose and the feel of the fabric. If it’s extra soft and comfortable, you’ll probably have trouble getting off off of it!

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relaxing scents using candles as home decor to create spa environment at home

5. The role of scents

Decorative candles, especially in the bathroom often invoke the feeling of being in a spa. What’s more relaxing than being pampered? Luckily, the spa experience isn’t too hard to attain. Some fresh towels and scented pillar candles can make your bathroom feel like you’ve just checked into a luxury hotel.

Aromatherapy is becoming popular in recent years. It’s the idea that certain scents can affect your mood. Combine that with color psychology, and you can have some pretty effective results from just a few small changes! Relaxing scents such as lavender, mandarin, and chamomile can help reduce stress and anxiety. If decorative candles aren’t your thing, you can introduce scents through essential oil diffusers or even fresh flowers.

6. Rounded corners

A recent study from the University of California has found a link between rounded furniture shapes and brain activity. If you wanted your home to be a sweet retreat, investing in some rounded furniture pieces can have a welcome effect on your brain! The rounded curves contrast with the sharp and sometimes harsher lines of rectangular furniture. They found that boxy, sharp furniture edges are often associated with negativity.

We’re not saying to purchase the biggest Arthurian Legend-style round table for your dining room. Or even to dust off those decorative plates in the attic to put them back on display. Simply clearing up any clutter on a table to make room for a shapely vase does the trick!

Which of these tricks will you be implementing?

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