Decorating for spring is always a fun challenge—there’s unlimited patterns and fresh décor ideas! Although spring is about being bold with color, it’s important to do it right.

Since we’re heading out of the dreary winter season, choosing bright colors and patterns will bring a home to life. However, be sure to keep your designs subtle or you run the risk of hurting your client’s eyes! We might be exaggerating, but you understand what we mean.

Looking for some inspiration? Use these unique ideas to give your home designs a boost for spring!

A Twist on Florals

Bold patterns and bright color trends for spring home decorating

When it comes to spring, everyone’s go-to is a fresh floral print. Whether it’s on the racks or in the home, it’s the biggest trend since…1950? Which isn’t a bad thing—it’s simply classic.

But, anyone can add florals to their designs. It takes more creativity and an eye for color to use bold patterns! Start searching for new inspired patterns that make the most of this so quirky trend. Move from florals to birds or abstract patterns. Show off your creativity with a bold pattern choice and implement it into your designs seamlessly. Patterns can be used in area rugs, curtains, decorative pillows, furniture…the list goes on!

Color Trends

We know that bright colors are always a trend for spring, so how can you put a twist on old favorites? Simple—mix up your color choices according to current vibes! Stay up-to-date on which colors are in and which ones we’re bidding goodbye.

Follow Pantone’s color selections and get creative with them. This year’s Color of the Year is greenery – so put it to good use! It’s a lively, fresh color that works great for spring. Since it’s bright and bold, it’s perfect to use as an accent color in the living room and kitchen. It will keep your client’s feeling energized for the season!

Pastels are also a huge trend for spring. They’re bright, but not overwhelming. These are in-between shades to help move from winter to summer. Adding pastels is a simple way to bring color to the garden and home without committing to a drastic change. Add life into your client’s home with pastel paints and furniture. Compliment a neutral room with a mint-blue couch, or playful lilac curtains!

Outdoor Inspiration

Outdoor spring home design trends and ideas for professional home decorators

Looking for more of a design challenge? Use these trends to create curb appeal. On the patio, use boldly colored furniture to brighten up the outdoors. Just as well, painting the front door and window shutters will draw attention to the home, making it feel welcoming to guests. No one wants to enter a drab home—adding a tasteful pop of color livens up the whole property. But when choosing a door color, try not to completely overwhelm the whole house; choosing cool-toned shades will keep the house colourful without making it an eyesore. This means that the front door is a perfect place to use those subtle pastel colors!

Creating curb appeal can be done throughout the whole property. Think about adding a DIY birdhouse or classic mailbox on the front lawn. You’ll create a homely vision with these traditional accents. And you even help nurture the local bird colony! Just beware of birds nicking the grass seed…

Depending on your client’s tastes, you can add color into any part of the home to brighten it up for spring! Adding some eye-catching patterns with a pop of color to a neutral room will show off your creative side. And don’t forget about those small accents, like vases and centerpieces. They make a big difference in energizing a tired room!

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