Have you ever looked at someone else, perhaps a friend or a colleague and thought, “This person would be so much better off if they just did this one thing”? We all seem to have a much easier time reading signs when it comes to other people than ourselves. So we’re going to help you take a step back and evaluate your career. You may find that you’ve been missing clear signals that beg you to give feng shui courses a go.

Keep reading for 7 glaring signs that you should be adding feng shui into your design toolbox!

1. Your Rooms Are Missing Flow

You design beautiful rooms! The décor is perfect. The color palette has come together flawlessly. And they are so picturesque that you want to put every room you make over into your portfolio. However, there are still some things that are a teensy bit off. Is the couch is a little bit tricky to get around? Or maybe the side table is a little too out of the way on the other side of the bed? If these statements sound like your own, you need to be taking on feng shui!

This amazing practice is all about flow and energy. Taking a feng shui course can open your eyes to better room flow. It doesn’t mean you need to perfectly adhere to all the rules in order to achieve optimal Ch’i. However, it will give you the background knowledge and understanding of room flow so that you can make the most effective use of your client’s space!

signs you need feng shui courses

2. You Have Clients with Small Plans

It’s always a treat to take on a whole remodeling job. It can be rewarding to completely strip down and build back up an incredible space. However, many clients want smaller changes that won’t break the bank.

This is a great time to use feng shui. Feng shui equips you with knowledge on the best way to rearrange and repurpose a client’s current possessions and furniture. You’ll also learn how to use paint to impart a fresh feel and a burst of positive energy to a room. If you find yourself with clients who want to keep their current furniture while completely changing the feel and productivity of their space, feng shui courses will help you serve these individuals.

3. You Want to Build Your Color Knowledge

We’ve already mentioned color and painting in the previous section. But there is more to color than simply giving a room a new look! Feng shui color theory goes into detail about the therapeutic elements of color.  If you’re a color consultant or a designer who is looking to improve your knowledge, feng shui courses will allow you to understand why certain colors work in certain rooms and other psychological effects that colors can have on people.

Again, you do not need to stick perfectly to these rules if your client doesn’t want you to. But knowing the relationship between color and energy will change your client’s living experience. It’s one of those things where people don’t miss it if it isn’t there. But when they feel positive Ch’i after a whole new paint job, they really feel it!

signs you need feng shui courses

4. You’re Lacking Inspiration

Many people who work in a creative field find themselves with some version of “writer’s block”. Essentially, all of your innovative ideas and concepts feel like they have been depleted. You don’t know where to find the inspiration to pick back up again. This is a great time to introduce yourself to something new! If you’re looking for a way to grow your creative brain, feng shui can be a great place to start.

Feng shui takes a different approach to room design. Choices are not based on functionality over beauty. Instead, it’s about evaluating your personal relationships with loved ones and your space. This new and interesting take on design can spark a new wave of ideas in your own work, giving you the inspiration you need to move forward in your career.

5. You Love Trends

If you love to follow trends, then feng shui is for you! In recent years, it has become very trendy to incorporate feng shui designs in homes. And not only that, minimalism, a key element of feng shui, is also becoming increasingly popular.

By taking courses to understand the principles of feng shui, you’ll be prepared to service two major trends, and your client base will really open up. You can add to your skill set and bundle services so that you can set yourself apart from the competition.

signs you need feng shui courses

6. You Love Working with People

Feng shui is an extremely personal and hands-on design process for clients. If you love working with people and really getting to know them, this area of design can be the perfect fit. In this discipline, it’s important for clients to be present from the initial consultation to finalizing the finishing touches.

Although interior decorating is often a very personalized experience, feng shui is even more so. The principles need to be adapted to each individual client to be effective. Room design cannot begin until you develop an intimate knowledge of your client’s goals and desires! So if you love getting to know your clients, feng shui can be a great fit.

7. You Hate Clutter

If you hate clutter and mess, feng shui courses will help you to kick your ability to cleanse spaces into high gear.

You might have good organization skills already or struggle with the dreaded junk drawer. Either way, feng shui will guide you through sorting, decluttering, and re-organizing so your client’s home can stay clutter free long after you leave.

Hopefully, this list gave you some objective clarity of your skills, interests, and ambitions. It can be hard to see something that is right in front of you. However, there are clear signs that you should look into taking feng shui courses. Your clients and your wallet will thank you!

Did we miss any telltale signs? Let us know in a comment below!

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