Do you ever wake up and your head just spins with the amount of things you need to get done? What’s on your plate today: work, the gym, walking the dog, driving the kids, getting groceries, doctors’ appointments, making dinner, or seeing friends and family? If this sounds familiar to you, then read on!

You may have a busy day, week, or life but rest assured that there are ways to get through your hectic schedule. In this article, we’ll review the top 5 mobile apps to help you organize your life and make sure you’re always on track.


This app is like having your own personal banker wherever and whenever. Once installed, Mint syncs with your bank account to create budget categories based on past transactions. In a quick glance, Mint allows you to view your spending habits and keep track of your budgeting goals. The app also provides bill reminders so you don’t have to worry about any late fees. In depth features such as credit score tracking and investment monitoring are also available. You can always rest assured that your bank information is secure thanks to their new two factor authentication which allows you to validate your log in through email or text message.

Money saving and budget planning apps for organizing


Flipp is a thrifty shopper’s dream come true. This app allows you to view weekly flyers and coupons from all your favourite stores. You no longer have to flip through piles of flyers—Flipp is capable of searching by item to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for. You can also add loyalty and points cards to your account to make some extra room in your wallet.

Closet +

Rather than rummaging through your closet, you can create an endless amount of outfit combinations at your fingertips. Whenever you are finished taking photos of all your clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories, the app imports these photos into a categorized library. You can view the number of times an item has been worn, the cost, the cost per wear, and when the article was last worn- a great way to avoid the all-too-familiar question, “did I wear this last week?”.

fitness pal tracking app for fitness planning

Fitness Pal

This app has everything you need to monitor and achieve your health goals. Fitness Pal has many functions, such as allowing you to count calorie consumption, find fitness challenges, calculate BMI, provide workout routines, keep workout logs, and monitor heart rate- just to name a few. The best part is that the app is completely free to install and can function offline, making it extremely accessible.


This is the all-in-one app when it comes to handling your business expenses. The app saves and organizes photos of all your receipts to avoid accumulating a pile of paper. You can also keep track of mileage and create expense reports to submit to your employer. For freelance folks, Showboxed allows you to save all your purchases and records for easy recovery during tax season. Finally, saving us from the bulkiness of a rolodex, you can create an online database of all the business cards you’ve received over the years.

Organizing apps and planning apps with mint blue technology

Everyone knows that life occasionally can get chaotic, so why not use all the help we can get. Install these, and many other organizational apps to declutter and simplify your life!

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