Company Name: Decor Innovation Designs
Description: Home staging, interior redesign, interior decorating
Region: Windsor, Ontario

Email: [email protected]
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Renee Gignac enrolled in QC Design School’s Home Staging course in 2011. Her business, Decor Innovation Designs, was still young at the time, and she hoped to develop it even further. Since that time, her business has grown into an award-winning company. She brings her own particular aesthetic—timeless, luxurious, and sophisticated—to each and every one of her design projects. We’re pleased to bring you her story here, as well as show off some photos of her work.

What motivated you to start your career as a design professional?

I was always interested in design as a child. In my spare time I used to watch the real estate channel and read home magazines. I was blessed with an artistic talent, and knew that I wanted to do something in this field where I could shine and be myself. I guess I owe the push to follow my dreams to my mom who always believed in me and my uncle who told me to never give up.

What are some highlights of your career so far?

This year has been the best year of my career, not only as an interior designer but also as a home stager. I truly believe in the saying “reach for the stars”. We have been recognised by Houzz for the Best of Houzz 2013 award. We are now working with several real estate agents and have been picked up by four builders to stage their model homes.

How did your course prepare you for working in the field?

I learned a lot through my QC course in home staging, things that I should have learned in my interior design course and never did. I still use my course books today and refer back to them if there is something I’m not sure of. I feel that since I took the home staging course it has made me a better designer and business owner.

Do you have any advice for someone starting out in their

design training or career?

I will say that this is not the easiest field to work in; however, if it’s something you really want you need to put your mind to it and push yourself. You are going to face a lot of bumps in the road at the beginning, but you should never give up, no matter how hard it gets. I’m speaking from experience. It took five years before my business started to take off. Just have fun, be honest, trustworthy, and confident, and you will succeed.

Take a look at some of Renee’s work!

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    I love to decorate. People are always advising me on how my decorations are so nice and comfy. I would love to home stage one day.

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