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Are You Following These 8 Design Blogs? You Should Be!

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Behind every great interior decorating career is a flair for creativity and inspiration. But even seasoned design professionals sometimes find themselves running up against a dead end—and when you hit a block, sometimes the best fix is getting outside your own head and looking elsewhere for ideas.

Whether you’re searching for inspiration, trying to keep up with the latest interior design trends, or on the hunt for innovative decorating ideas, look no further than our round-up of the best design and decorating blogs. If you’re not following these bloggers already, well, what are you waiting for?

1. Decor8

Color inspiration, decorating tips, DIY, home inspiration… Decor8’s Holly Becker and her team cover it all (seriously—those are all categories right off her blog, with plenty more to browse through as well). Holly started her blog way back in 2006, making her one of the first interior designers to hit the blog world in a big way.

And for good reason. Her simple, elegant site houses tons of inspiration and tips from one designer to another. Plus, she regularly features other designers and stylists, showcasing their work and helping readers get tuned in to who and what is up-and-coming in the design world.

2. Designtripper

Do you find your passion for design crossing over with a love of travel? Meghan McEwen does, and Designtripper proves that the two intersect beautifully. Half design blogger, half travel blogger, Meghan’s posts tell the stories of small-scale hotels, inns, lodges, tree houses (that’s right) and more.

Whether you’re planning your next trip or trying to help a client find some unique inspiration, this blog is sure to satisfy. But a word of warning—getting bitten by the travel bug is inevitable after you’ve browsed through a few posts. Just don’t blame us if you find yourself booking a spontaneous vacation.

Moroccan patio

3. Apartment Therapy

What design blog list would be complete without Apartment Therapy? This blog is a big name in the design world for a reason. Home tours, style inspiration, small space decorating… whatever you’re looking for, starting here is always a good idea. The only problem? Developing the self-control to step away!

The gorgeous rooms and homes are sure to provide inspiration for any space, but what we really love is the blog’s section on renovations. These amazing before-and-after transformations are an awesome reminder of the power of a talented designer!

4. Abigail Ahern

We get it—pale minimalist palettes are in right now, dominating everything from your wardrobe to your living room. If you’re anything like us, though, you’re eager for something a little different, and the rich, dark rooms that dominate designer Abigail Ahern’s blog do just the trick.

Can’t get enough? You can bring some of her style into your client’s (or your own) home through her shop, though be warned—she runs a luxury design business, and the prices definitely reflect that!

Even if her “house crushes” aren’t quite your thing, it’s worth checking out her Biz Column for some first-hand design business advice.

5. Bright.Bazaar

First, let’s congratulate Will Taylor on being the first male blogger to make our list—apparently women rule the design blog world! That being said, Bright.Bazaar is a design blog up there with the best of them. Will’s bold, bright style is sure to inspire designers and clients alike who crave a little more color in their lives.

Bright room decor

But we love Will for more than just his style. As a designer whose career is in the process of taking off, Will is wonderfully open and honest about his hopes and fears for the future of his business (and his life!). Plus, frequent peeks at his own NYC apartment as he settles in make reading his blog feel like sitting down to get caught up with an old friend.

6. Coco + Kelley

Talk about lifestyle blogs—Coco + Kelley’s Cassandra Lavalle covers everything from cocktail recipes to inspiring interiors! Browse her posts room-by-room or go right to the details if you’re on the hunt for something specific.

While her well-rounded mix does mean her blog doesn’t have quite as much dedicated design content as some of the others on our list, we can guarantee you’ll love the rest of her blog just as much. Plus, you can’t plan inspiration, so who knows? Maybe it’ll be her Halloween butterfly ball tabletop or a fun spring accessory wishlist that gets those creative juices flowing.

7. Mad about the House

Got questions about carpeting? Looking for a new place to shop for salvaged furniture? Kate Watson-Smyth has your back. With 20 years of design experience under her belt (as a journalist, that is), Kate fills her blog with beautiful rooms, amazing furniture, and unique décor finds.

Rustic bedroom side table

We especially love her Househunter section. Yes, all of these houses are for sale, but you don’t have to be in the market—or the price range—to admire her guided tours (complete with a little house history) through gorgeous British homes. If you’re a professional home stager looking for some new ideas, you’ll definitely want to start here!

8. Emily Henderson

Sometimes it seems like stylist and design professional Emily Henderson has the blog we’ve all been looking for: the one where beautifully designed rooms actually intersect with the people who live in them! Emily’s kids (and their gorgeous rooms) feature regularly in her posts, proving that it is possible for kids and stylish homes to coexist.

She’s also not shy about sharing her own business and design tips—and her mistakes. Whether she’s talking about styling a window shot, writing the perfect resume, or her own major design regrets, this blog is the perfect place to start if you’re looking to try something new. And if you’re trying to feel better about a design choice that just didn’t quite work out, well, reading about some of Emily’s own self-admitted missteps will definitely help.

Looking for more home décor inspiration to spark your own creativity? Check out these unique hidden storage ideas for any home!

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