Homeowners often have horror stories of a major DIY project gone wrong. Thankfully, as a trained interior designer, this is where you come in! Armed with experience, you can really help improve the quality of your clients’ lives during a chaotic home renovation.

Want to learn more ways for how to keep client stress levels to a minimum? We’ve put together a home reno refresher. Small gestures can make a big difference, so take the time to go that extra mile. Your interior decorating clients will know what to expect and will appreciate you for helping them. They may even learn to enjoy the time between the renovation ‘before-and-after.’

Where are homeowners going to stay?

Be clear with your guests about the extent of work that needs to be done. In some cases, it might be easier for a family to live elsewhere during the renovation. Construction is messy! But it can also be dangerous. Unusable pipes, flying debris, dust, and not to mention noise can impede on your clients ability to stay onsite. Having small children is also a good reason for why a family may want to look into alternative living arrangements.

Alternative living arrangements during home renovation

If your clients decide to move offsite, recommend some places to stay—maybe you know a hotel that a previous client can recommend. See if you can plan the renovation around a family vacation. What about staying with family and friends?

Being away from home is hard, especially when there are tons of changes going on. Make an extra effort to keep your clients updated about what is being done onsite.

Improvise a living space

Sometimes making a reno more manageable is all about temporarily switching around the configuration of a home. For a major kitchen job, move the fridge to another nearby living space. Have your clients prepare to live with smaller cooking appliances, such as a microwave, slow cooker, or hotplate. Dishes can be washed at another sink in the bathroom.

If bathroom use is also going to be restricted, make sure other arrangements have been made. Strategize space so your clients still have areas in their home that feel off-limits from reno chaos…

Safeguard belongings

Furniture protected with plastic during home renovation

In order to prevent damage, make sure you help your clients protect their property. Use drop cloths or tape plastic onto furniture, electronics, art, and other valuables. Another option is to move the furniture into another room or out of the house entirely by renting a portable storage unit.

Now may be a good time for clients to organize their belongings. Lead the efforts to downsize by going through your design step-by-step and helping your clients decide what furniture can be reused.

You never know, your clients might be so inspired by the extra space they will want to tackle other organizational projects. Either way, less clutter makes for a smoother renovation, which equals happy clients!

Maintain communication

Construction mess aside, another huge contributor of reno stress is budget. Your clients hired you because they wanted the expertise of a professional, so make sure that you deliver. Stay on track with the hired contractor, and ensure that projects are going as planned. Keep track of deliveries and provide them with regular progress reports.

Confirm that your clients have up-to-date contact information. Establish times when they will be able to contact you.

Most importantly, keep things positive! If the house is a disaster zone, knowing that projects are being completed according to plan and on schedule will set your client’s mind at ease.

Quick tips to survive home reno stress

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Now that you know how to guide your clients through a stress-free renovation, make sure you save them from another interior overhaul by avoiding these common interior decorating mistakes!

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