You don’t need an unlimited budget to carry out a successful home staging. A home is a marketable product after all, and even the most challenging of spaces has potential. In fact, a few basic design principles can help transform a dated looking home into one a buyer will easily fall in love with.

Need suggestions on how to bring your client’s home into the 21st century? Keeping these simple tricks in mind will help you provide high-end home staging without breaking the bank.

1. Freshen up with paint

Paint swatch high-end home staging on a budget.

A simple fix with dramatic results. Tear down old wallpaper and brighten up your client’s home with a fresh coat of paint. Go with a neutral color—you can bring in pops of visual interest with other colorful and contemporary accessories.

Paint can also be a great way to update older wood pieces. If kitchen cabinets are in good condition, strip them down and apply a fresh coat. You will be amazed by the immediate difference.

2. Rethink the floorplan

Moving furniture around will allow you to make the most of what your client already owns. The basic premise of ‘fluff’ staging is to showcase the best pieces available. Temporarily move unsightly furniture your client may be emotionally attached to into storage.

Bigger isn’t always better. Replace a dated sofa with smaller seating—intricate and eye-catching furniture is possible within any budget if you know where to look. Improving the flow of a home will instantly make it seem more spacious.

3. Update/Revamp bathrooms

New Sink Basin High-End Home Staging

Often an overlooked space, even the addition of a new sink basin and faucet can give a bathroom a worthwhile facelift. Install an inexpensive towel bar and switch out dated mirrors.

Soft lighting, a new shower curtain, and fresh white towels will work wonders to transform a tired looking bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

4. Modernize where possible

Sometimes new appliances are all it takes to modernize a space. While they are more of an investment, stackable washer and dryers will create space in a cramped laundry room without the need for a full on renovation.

If new appliances aren’t in the budget, turn your attention to updating existing lighting fixtures and cabinet hardware. Sometimes the most upscale touch is in the details.

5. Keep things clutter free

High-end home staging organized closet

Proper organization will go a long way in maximizing space. Streamline unnecessary items and furniture. Potential homebuyers have to imagine themselves in the space, so keep personal knickknacks to a minimum. Purchase baskets and bins, and use them to disguise papers or personal items. Of course, some items should absolutely make an exit.

In bedrooms, closets are often an overlooked area. Color blocking is a quick and costless way of arranging clothing. A pre-fabricated storage system is another way of providing valuable storage space.

6. Refinish flooring and countertops

If you can, replace old Formica countertops. If you can’t, have your clients look into a DIY finish! Create the look of granite using a sponging technique. Or aim for a solid basecoat with a high gloss finish. Tiles are another excellent alternative. With a little time and effort, even the most hopelessly outdated looking countertop can be updated.

As for solutions to worn flooring, refinish hardwood or install cost-effective laminate wood planks, which will mimic a high-end look. New carpeting is also another economical way of making a space seem bright, fresh, and clean.

7. Incorporate high-end accessories

high-end pillows home staging on a budget

Create a high-end home staging look by bringing in a few key accessories. Less is more—there’s no place for clutter here. Allow a viewer to emotionally connect to a space by staging essential props. For example, you can transform an undesignated room into a functional home office with a lamp, rug, desk, and bookshelves—but including a framed painting or a few hardbound texts will make a space seem more memorable.

New textiles are a terrific budget-friendly way of evoking sophistication. Gravitate toward different textures: chic pillows and luxurious looking throws.

8. Don’t overlook curb appeal

Finally, since it’s the very first thing a homebuyer sees, spend some time and money on exterior updates. A lawn should be well maintained. Tidy up garden beds or plant a few flowers and shrubs. A gravel driveway should be smoothed and filled. If a client’s mailbox is derelict and falling apart, replace it!

Consider adding some personality with interesting door numbers. Most importantly, make sure that exterior of your client’s home look as clean and inviting as it does once potential buyers step inside.

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