Large storage spaces such as garages and attics tend to function as catch-all spaces. Often clients would rather organize rooms they live and play in on a daily basis. Homeowners may dread rifling through junk in a cluttered garage. Attics stuffed with keepsakes can become a walk down memory lane for clients who forgot all about the treasures they stored away. But garages and attics can definitely benefit from your organizational eye

While your clients may look at their garage or attic space as a giant disorganized disaster, you know that it’s really just a diamond in the rough. So reveal the inner potential of larger storage spaces with these storage solutions that will make it easy for your clients to find and store extra household goods.

Group items by use

Organizing Large Storage Spaces Boxes

Temporarily move items outside so that your client can purge before you sort. As with any other home organization project, create “Keep,” “Donate,” and “Trash” piles to eliminate useless clutter. Your clients do not need a sad, threadbare Christmas tree, nor do they need a tangle of old Halloween lights with broken bulbs. Your clients will be amazed by the extra space they will create simply by saying goodbye to pointless items they had no clue they were holding on to in the first place.

  • Create different zones: If your client is an avid gardener, create a gardening station where clients can store rubber boots, gloves, shears, and other gardening tools. The same can be done for a handyman (or woman) with the addition of a tool bench.
  • Labels are your friend: Make sure anything you store inside heavy-duty plastic totes is easily identifiable.
  • Stick to a floorplan: Your client will see the garage as an extension of the home instead of a dumping station. And no one will trip on the way to the recycling bin!

Get things off the floor

Organizing Large Storage Spaces Garage

The primary use of the garage is to store a vehicle. But you can actually create extra floor space by thinking in terms of vertical storage. Because most clients don’t usually hang out in their garage, you can optimize space without worrying too much about what guests will think about the nifty bicycle rack you have rigged up for your clients.

  • Go vertical: Stack as many (properly labeled) storage bins as you safely can.
  • Install garage storage: Since garage storage is a huge priority for homeowners these days, you’ll able to choose from cabinets, lockers, shelving units, and even track shelving.
  • Rethink conventional storage: Mason or spice jars are terrific for smaller loose items like screws or seeds. Pegboards will give your client a place to hang tools or whatever else they desire!

Stow away dangerous chemicals

Organizing Large Storage Spaces Group by Use

Create a proper storage system for paint and chemical cleaners. A locked garage cabinet is the best way to keep any dangerous material away from pets or children. Sharp tools should also be stored safely away. Creating simple storage systems your clients will actually use is the best way to maintain safety in the garage.

Safety first

Before you go anywhere near an attic, double check with your client that is it actually safe to do. Many unfinished attacks do not have strong floor boards. If the attic is safe to enter, keep in mind that it is probably acting as a rough storage for loose items.

  • Proper lighting: You’ll also want to make sure that your client’s attic is properly ventilated and insulated in order for it to function as extra storage space.
  • Easy access: In the case of an unfinished basement, storage will be more about easy access to items.
  • Work with space: Truss shelves are a terrific option for an attic with steep walls.

Sort by function

Organizing Large Storage Spaces Attic Suitcases

Once you purge extra clutter, survey the different groups you have created and come up with a storage plan for each category. Many everyday storage system are perfectly appropriate for an attic space. For example, hang seasonal clothing on racks or in a wardrobe system.

  • Smart storage solutions: Vacuum-seal bedding and store it inside plastic totes.
  • Organize documents: Important paperwork might be better stored in a home office. But keep those sentimental old art assignments inside a mailing tube.
  • Sort with style: There is no reason why beautiful cabinets can’t go inside an attic for clients to store extra items.

Find everything a home

Organizing Large Storage Spaces Attic

Unlike in a kitchen where the purging process involves pot and pans, you will most likely come across some pretty sentimental stuff in an attic, which is also paradoxically the place that many of us store the items we care about the most! So find ways to bring treasure into your client’s home.

  • Showcase belongings: Gorgeous heirlooms should not be collecting dust. Bring that fine china into the kitchen and show it off.
  • Create DIY projects: Old letters, cards, and pictures might become a worthwhile scrapbooking project for your client. Clothing with sentimental value can eventually become a quilt.

As with a garage, you can bring order into an attic with different zones. Throw in a rug and some extra lighting and your clients may just finally have the perfect space for that reading nook, walk-in closet or craft workshop they always dreamed about!

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