Happy Year of the Fire Rooster! With a new year comes a chance for a fresh start, but while New Year’s resolutions are often easy to make, they can be hard to keep. Many people set impossibly high goals just before the clock strikes 12, and then are at a loss for just how exactly to get started. Feng shui can help prepare your client’s home and personal space for tackling these new resolutions. Keep reading for tips on how feng shui can help invite auspicious energies to the home.

Clean, clean, clean!

First things first, your client should conduct a thorough house cleaning! There’s no need to wait until spring to start. Clearing away all the clutter, negative energy, and impurities will ready their home for new energies. Remind your client to not do a purge on New Year’s Day itself, though. While it’s super tempting to get a head start as soon as soon as possible, cleaning their house on the first day of the year can actually “sweep” away good luck and blessings. Waiting a couple days after New Year’s won’t ruin your clients’ chance of good tidings, and besides, your client will probably appreciate the extra day or two of R&R.

Feng shui health elements for the kitchen

Kitchen duty

If your client has set health-centric resolutions, the best place to start is in the kitchen. Cleaning the space is important, but that doesn’t mean that every utensil and piece of equipment should be hidden inside the cupboard. Make sure that some elements of the kitchen are left out to create a nourishing environment for the body. Think of a bowl of oranges (associated with gold) which can help bring financial prosperity into the home. The kitchen is also a great space to introduce color if your clients are thinking about doing some renovations. Yellow can brighten up the kitchen space as well as help your clients’ digestive processes!

Green space

As we’ve mentioned previously in another article, feng shui goes hand in hand with green design! While the home can definitely benefit from sustainable materials and furniture that’s plant-derived, it’s important to keep actual plants in the home, too. Indoor air purifying plants can help improve your clients’ health, but not all plants will bring in feng shui benefits. For example, a bamboo plant in an auspiciously located bathroom can bring luck, but plants should not be placed in the centre of the house. The centre of a house is associated with the earth element and the wood element of a plant weakens it. Especially considering that the centre of the home is a lucky space for 2017, it’s best to avoid placing plants there.

House plants for feng shui designs in the home

Art space

In feng shui, materials often bring specific energies with them. The north-west bagua area of the home, is associated with travel and helpful people, as well as the metal element. If your clients have resolutions revolving around beneficial relationships and travel, placing art with metal elements in the bagua area can help them with these goals. Think tall white or gray metal sculptures, or art with the same “metal” elemental colors to help with the flow of ch’i. It’s important to remember that your clients must connect and derive positivity from the art. Just because a framed photo fulfils the above requirements, it doesn’t mean that it can help improve the home, especially if the art doesn’t suit your clients’ tastes or the images don’t represent something that brings them joy.

Something to keep in mind…

Remind your client that they should not expect sudden good fortune solely on the fact that they’ve shifted a piece of furniture or purchased a water fountain. Just as feng shui is a process that recognizes the constant movement of energy in line with the dimension of time, so is goal-setting and follow through. Good feng shui will help them with transitioning into a new year and achieving their goals, but your clients should expect to still work hard to achieve their resolutions.

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