Finding new clients for your professional organizing business can be tough—but with a little marketing and networking you’ll gain a client base in no time!

Once you finish your online courses and achieve that highly sought-after professional organizing certification, it’s time to start searching. To get you started, here are our top tips for finding the right clients for your services. Armed with these ideas, you can expand your client network as you build your business!

Finding clients for home design and organizing

1. Begin with people you know

The best starting point for any business is to start with people you know (who could use your services) and get them on board! Reach out to family, friends, or old colleagues to start your client base. As a professional organizer, your services are for everyone—for busy schedules to disorganized households, to hectic offices. Pitch possible clients for their specific needs.

For example, if one of your good friends is a shopaholic and has a wardrobe that never ends you can help her organize her closet to boost its efficiency! Don’t worry if friends turn down your services, but be grateful for the ones who take you on as their pro organizer. Support from people you know will give you confidence and get your business off the ground! It’s also easier to ask friends and family for a word of mouth referral—they’ll be happy to support you!

2. Get on social media

An important 21st-century tool to market your business and find clients is social media. Use different online platforms to get your brand out into the world. As most people are on social media nowadays, you can provide your contact information and details of your services online. It’s easy for others to share your pages as well!

If you attend design conventions, then be sure to network with other certified professional organizers. Reach out to them with your social media accounts. Not only will you be able to see what the competition is doing, but you can also learn a lot from established businesses in your area!

Use social media to market your professional organizing business and find clients

3. Create your target audience

Don’t forget: in order to find the right clients, you need to target a specific audience when you market your business. For instance, if you prefer organizing offices you need to target business people and companies. Or, if your skills are home-oriented, then you need to target homeowners. Narrow this group down further by finding a “type” of person you would like to help. Whether it’s busy parents or a local business owner, find out what they could achieve by becoming organized.

Your business can target many audiences, but starting out with a couple is a good point of contact. Your business will grow as referrals become more common. The best way to get referrals is by providing a quality service to your clients, so don’t overbook yourself before you get into the swing of things!

4. Advertise

Yes, as a business owner you’ll need to find some sort of advertising campaign to branch out to new clients. We’re not saying you need to go overboard; even a simple flyer campaign around your neighborhood can give your professional organizing business the boost it needs!

Once you start turning a profit and gain a good reputation, advertising will become easier. Clients may even offer to share success stories made possible by your services. Again, this is why an online presence will help your marketing campaigns—clients can link directly to you where their friends can access your contact info! A job well done always deserves a shout-out.

Office professionally organized

5. Boast the benefits

Some clients may be embarrassed or shy to come to you with their organizational needs. Especially when clients feel their lives are being overrun by untidiness, they can feel vulnerable coming to you. But, as you learned in your professional organizer certification, it’s important to have empathy for clients.

When you reach out to possible clients, be sure to explain the benefits of hiring a pro organizer. You help to organize people’s lives and make it easier for them to enjoy their day-to-day activities. Letting people know that there is a long-term solution will put their confidence in your services. You became a professional organizer to help your clients, so let them know that your job is to help them live a better, less stressful life! There’s no judgment for clients who are reaching out to you.
And after all of your hard work, your professional organizing certification will launch you into a rewarding career. Helping clients figure out their lives is easy for you! Let them know your goal is to give them an efficient way to live without feeling overwhelmed.

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