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Professional organization is so much more than just putting things away—it’s a state of mind.

Your top priority as a professional organizer is to create a lifestyle of comfort and ease that’s sustainable for your client. By disposing of stressful clutter, you help clients focus on their mental health—even if it’s just by giving them a peaceful place to get ready in the mornings!

Create efficiency in any closet by following this quick guide to professionally organizing a wardrobe. Whether the problem is clutter, space, or unused items, you can convert an uninviting wardrobe into a comfortable space!

Hang or Fold?

We all know that certain items should be hung (dresses, blouses, etc.) to keep them free of wrinkles. But exactly how do we decide what to hang and what to fold?

closet hanging rack

According to Andrea Rapke, a simple trick is to hang anything that doesn’t fold nicely. Jeans, leggings, and sweaters fold quite neatly whereas tank tops, skirts, and cardigans are better off on hangers.

Using more hangers, less shelves is an easy organization system—and it’s quicker for your clients to put clothing away!

Sorting by Color

Sorting clothing by color makes it easier for clients to find the item they’re looking for AND makes their wardrobe visually appealing. Rather than the chaos of random colors and styles, use the method of color coordinating.

Marie Kondo explains this trick for keeping a wardrobe tidy, and tells us more about home organizing. Looking for more tips from a renowned pro? Kondo’s book tells all!

Laundry Hampers

Piles of dirty clothes on the floor is a big no-no when it comes to keeping a wardrobe organized. It’s untidy and can give the whole room a musty odour!

Investing in standing laundry hampers is better than using baskets because they keep the floor clear. Some hampers are collapsible making it easy to put away when not in use. Try finding foldable hampers to give your client extra room!

And if there’s enough space, keep laundry hampers away from clean clothes. This will keep the whole wardrobe fresh by separating dirty clothes from clean ones.

Ditch or Donate

One rule to live by that will change the way you organize wardrobes: if it hasn’t been worn since last season, get rid of it! If the new season rolls around and your clients still aren’t wearing it, they’ve run out of excuses to keep it.

It can be hard for clients to downsize their possessions, but your job is to take the rational approach to organizing. Unworn clothing takes up precious space. Sort through all clothing and donate anything your client doesn’t wear. Oh, and clothing with holes or tears needs to go as well.

A great option for those who splurge on sale items that are never actually worn—consignment stores! If there are well-kept pieces that your client can sell, pitch the idea of heading to a consignment shop. This way they can earn some of their cash back!

Use Storage Boxes

Once you clean out a wardrobe and organize the hang vs. fold clothes, head to the store and get a few storage boxes. These little things work wonders when you’re organizing a client’s home!Think about what needs to be stored, then determine how many boxes you need to use. Storing socks, scarves, and belts in small boxes makes accessories easy to find and put away properly.

We should say open-faced boxes so your client doesn’t feel like you’re packing their life away completely…

Decorative boxes give closets visual appeal and provides an incentive to stay organized. If you have a DIY client, let them decorate their own storage boxes!

Pro Tip: Stack boxes vertically to keep the floor clear—this makes the wardrobe feel open and less cluttered! Plus, it reduces the risk of tripping on shoes or getting tangled up in a pair of tights…

Shoe Racks

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of storing my shoes in a box on the floor of my closet. Not only is this disorderly, it’s actually ruined a few good pairs of shoes!

Storing shoes in a box on top of each other ruins their integrity and structure. So insert a shoe rack into the closet to keep your clients’ shoes clean and tidy—and to make sure they stay that way!

Find an inexpensive shoe rack at your local hardware or furniture store. It will make all the difference in keeping wardrobes tidy and shoes intact!

Pay Attention to Accessories

We’re all too familiar with the nightmare of trying to detangle necklaces from each other. An easy fix: jewellery organizers!

Jewellery holders are available at almost any accessory store. Add these to your client’s space where they can easily see and access their jewellery.

You’ll be better off buying a separate earring holder, ring holder, and necklace holder instead of an organizer with drawers. Drawers are a sure-fire way to get jewellery tangled together and earrings lost!

Stick with organizers that allow clients to hang necklaces and keep earrings paired together.

Stop Digging!

Take a quick survey: does your client tend to dig through their closet for item? If so, this is a key sign that you need to organize how they store their clothing.

A wardrobe needs to be accessible—this means no digging! Rid life of little stressors by organizing properly. Sectioned organizers are a simple solution for wardrobes. Find different pieces in a heartbeat without tearing the closet apart!

The main benefit of accessible clothing: being able to select an outfit quickly lets your client get an extra minute’s sleep in the morning!

Hang the Handbags

Bags and purses are easily muddled up into a mess of key sets, wallets and loose change. Put a stop to this madness by organizing your clients’ handbags!

Using a separate hanger for each bag makes them all reachable. Try installing a spare hook for the last-used handbag on the back of the door. Your client can easily find their wallet, keys, etc. and swap it out when they decide to choose a new bag.

A helpful hint for clients: Rethink your handbag choices! Neutral colored bags minimize clutter since they match with any outfit. Having just one or two purses will keep a wardrobe from becoming cluttered (again).

In just a few simple steps, you can transform a wardrobe into a world of efficiency and ease. Focus on keeping storage neat so everything is at your clients’ fingertips—they’ll thank you for the stress-free mornings!

Ready to harness the power of organization and help change how others live? Find out what it takes to become a professional organizer!

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