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Let’s Recap…

Jane Lockhart is an expert in home decorating. In this video, Jane discusses the importance of lighting and how different types of lighting affect the color of paint and décor.

First, Jane explains how lighting affects the eye based on different temperatures. Since lighting is measured in degrees of Kelvin, the temperature ranges from cool to warm. Yellow lighting has a lower degree, whereas white light is higher.

Incandescent lighting is more of a yellow light, and LED lighting is on the whiter side. The temperature of your lighting will change the tone of your color choices. The colors most affected by the wrong lighting are shades of pink and grey. The color can completely change to your eye when it’s placed in different lighting.

Recommending bulbs and types of lighting for your clients will help keep colors true to the original shade of choice. Before selecting paint colors, furniture, or décor, you should always decide which type of lighting will be used in each room. Lighting should ultimately complement both the room’s function and color scheme.

Remember: The light bulbs you choose will impact the overall color scheme and appearance in the end!

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