Many aspiring interior decorators, home stagers, and professional organizers start their careers with the hope that one day they’ll expand their services to include other design branches, such as feng shui. Not only is this totally feasible, it’s relatively easy to achieve with the right certification and experience—not to mention that feng shui is complementary to many design skills!

But will a Feng Shui certification will actually help your design business? Or will it just be an interesting, short-term pursuit? The short answer is that it can have a huge impact on your already existing business, if you go about it the right way.

Read on to find out how to Feng Shui your decorating business!

Feng shui design is booming

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on positive energy and harmony. But that doesn’t mean it ‘s a relic of antiquity. Feng shui design is trending in the dynamic design industry these days.

Every professional designer is focused on wellness and sustainable, environmentally-conscious living—which is terrific news for designers looking for other opportunities.

living room with feng shui room design

If you’re currently working as an interior decorator, you may run into clients who want to bring more balance into their home. Knowledge of feng shui will allow you to offer additional services to your design client.

Professional organizers, by the same token, will meet clients who want to put systems in place to be more organized. But they may want to do so in a way that improves their lives and overall well-being. This is an excellent opportunity to bring feng shui into their homes. They’ll be able to see for themselves how furniture placement, paint colors, and certain materials can affect their lives.

If you’re currently a home staging professional, you can bet that your clients will be intrigued at the possibility of balancing and harmonizing spaces in order to sell their homes fast. After all, potential buyers pick up on a home’s atmosphere and feeling very quickly, and feng shui plays a huge part in that.

Although feng shui complements other design professions, you’ll need to determine if it’s the best fit for you. Ask yourself if it would be a natural fit with the services you already offer. You’ll want to promote all your offered services at once, and retain clients in the process!

Now onto some concrete benefits…

Your feng shui training will be easy to apply

Even if you’ve been in the industry for several years, a new service means a new skill set. You want to have a strong start with the right knowledge and practice. An online feng shui certification is your passport to expand your services, and allows you to offer this exciting new service to current and future clients!

professional organizer cleaning closet

It won’t be a difficult, lengthy process to introduce your feng shui service into the mix—trust us! All you’ll need to do is explain to your clients how it’s already intertwined with your other services.

Communicate the big picture to them, and then discuss how all the small details will all work in harmony to achieve their goal. Help them to understand that clearing away dust, dirt and clutter will promote positive energy, as will the separation of work and rest areas.

Not only will your clients be incredibly impressed at your range of knowledge in different design areas, they’ll also be confident with the guidance you provide. On that note…

You’ll increase your salary (and reputation)

A feng shui certification will show your expertise to clients, but it doesn’t end there! Expanding your professional services will also increase your salary, which is excellent news for any business owner. Starting a business is no easy feat, and often it takes some time to become profitable! This is why a certification is key. It demonstrates to clients that you successfully completed training, and in this case, it’s additional training that expands on your existing knowledge.

Your clients will respect your dedication to your craft and will hold you in a higher regard as a result. When clients know they can trust you to make the best recommendations for their living space, you’ll build a great reputation for yourself as a versatile designer.

You can package your services

This is where it all comes together. Packaging your design services allows you to earn more. You have an ability to upsell your services by creating appealing service combinations to transform your clients’ home. Meanwhile, your clients will get a great deal on services. If you create a strong relationship with this client, you’ll earn further business with them and even a few referrals!

feng shui room design buddha

Positive word-of-mouth recommendations are important for a growing business. By offering a variety of services—and marketing them in interesting packages—you’re sure to catch the eye of many new clients.

Pro Tip: Never underestimate the power of marketing! Be sure to indicate on your website and all social media platforms that you offer a variety of services. Don’t forget to mention your feng shui certification in addition to any other credentials!

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