Working in the real estate industry absolutely has its perks. Unfortunately, during the winter months, or whenever your slow season is, you may feel a slight struggle. The good news is there are tons of ways to boost your business and find extra jobs! All it takes is a little creativity (which we know you have) and some research. Keep reading for our tips on finding home staging jobs during the slow season.


How are your networking skills? If they aren’t as great as you would like them to be, the slow season is the perfect time to practice!

Reach out to real estate agents and other industry professionals in your area. Forming partnerships is a great way to boost your business. This will help you anytime, but especially when you feel your pace slowing.

One prime example of a successful partnership is one between realtors and home stagers. They also experience the same slow season, and are likely to jump at partnership opportunities. Frame the partnership as being mutually beneficial. You can emphasize how working together can help grow both of your client bases.

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Move online

In a career like home staging, if you aren’t already online you should be! Your work is visually appealing – that’s why clients hire you! Every time you stage a home you have an opportunity to create content for your social media platforms and your online strategy.

Beyond creating content online, have you thought about offering services? Someone may come across your page and think your style would suit their real estate market! But, if you are miles apart, it may be more practical to offer suggestions via the internet. We know it sounds out there because staging is such a hands on career, but have faith. Many of your clients would be able to do the work themselves if only they knew what to choose and where to place it! So, invite clients to send you photos of their space and curate a plan for them. This can include a list of rental shops in their area or specific pieces they should purchase!

Not only will you be able to earn some extra income, you will build your online presence and be able to work from home! It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Expand your services

We just mentioned moving your services online, but how about expanding them? Your skills as a home stager are transferable! Your eye for design will serve you well in other roles. Take advantage of this!

Some popular services for home stagers to incorporate into their offerings range from home decorating to event decor! You never know who could use your help! Even as the real estate market slows during winter months there are plenty of opportunities for you to use your skills.

If you’re a business owner or freelancer, expanding your services will be particularly important. Take a look at your local staging and decor industry. Is there something not currently being done, or is there something you can do better than the competition? Take advantage of these niches and build up your offering! We promise, the more you have to offer, the more jobs you will land.

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Follow the arrows

We are sure that at least once upon a time, you’ve had a client rave and compliment your staging skills. If an individual or family contracted you to stage their home for sale, consider them apart of your client base! The best part is that if your clients were selling their home, they are almost definitely moving somewhere new!

Pay special attention to those clients who do compliment your services during peak season. We recommend you update their client file with their old and new contact info. This will allow you to send that lovely thank you note right to their new doorstep!

Don’t be afraid to reach out and touch base with these past clients. If they enjoyed your work before they will again! Offer past clients a free consultation when they move in to their new homes. With some persistence, these movers will become returning clients for your staging business.


We know that discounts are probably the least appealing way to find home staging jobs during the slow season. The slow season is, well, slow. And you absolutely do need to maximize your earnings but, there are so many ways you can do this.

Discounts don’t necessarily equate to earning less. A discount can be any incentive that you offer to clients! For example, if you are going to expand your services online, offer a slight discount for the first few clients who hire you. You will still be earning more than you did before expanding your services, and you are offering hesitant individuals an incentive!

Another discount you can offer to help you secure jobs comes in the form of extra materials or services. Are you crafty? Promote those little extras that are unique to you! For example, you could advertise your homemade wreaths or monogrammed door signs as a perk to your services. A custom gift with your contract may just be the tie-breaker between you and the other stagers in your area! Give it some thought, a little can go a long way.

Slow seasons can be a struggle. One of the most important things you can do for your career is to remain passionate. Potential clients will be able to see this in your work and feel confident in your abilities as a result. Don’t forget that the slow season is just a season. Months from now we know you will be missing some of these quieter moments!

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