As a feng shui design professional, you understand better than anyone the relationship between your space and yourself. From your health to your relationships, these aspects of your life don’t exist in isolation! Don’t even get us started on the guas of the Bagua map that directly address career and wealth.

If you want to become a prosperous business owner, you’ll want to start off on the right foot. Personalizing the space will make it  productive and efficient for your business needs. Additionally, any clients who walk through the door will see how that you practice what you preach! It’s fantastic marketing!

Check out these feng shui room design ideas for the workplace!

The goal

The point of applying feng shui in the workplace is to accomplish your short and long-term goals. Once you expand your feng shui business and bring on employees, you’ll want to readjust your design to accommodate them. You receptionist would sit in a different position compared to a junior feng shui professional, for example. Your business will thrive if you do your best to increase cooperation, communication, and openness to opportunities. Pay close attention to avoid facilitating a stressful, disharmonious environment!

productive and efficient workplace

Harnessing the five elements

To increase positive Ch’i, you need to balance the five elements. Each element is associated with important qualities that benefit your success:

  • Earth: attention to detail, stability
  • Metal: organization, quality
  • Fire: leadership, intuition, communication
  • Wood: creativity, activity, flexibility
  • Water: imagination, honestly, knowledge

It’s always best to bring in physical objects that contain these elements. A flowing fountain can be a water cure. Metal furniture for metal, clay vase for earth, and potted plants for wood are other options. However, you shouldn’t be building a fire in the office to channel fire! Your light source is a great way to introduce the fire element while keeping the space safe for yourself and your clients. Of course, natural light is always best!

hummingbird fire element in feng shui


Another way to channel the different elements into your workplace is through color. Aiming for comfort and safety within the workplace is your best bet. That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style and flair. Especially if it shows off your own personality to potential clients. Customizing your office to suit your style and personality communicates your capability of working with your clients to do the same for them! One of the great ways to have some fun with your office space while working towards an elemental and yin-yang balance is through color.

Color psychology is no joke! You shouldn’t paint a professional office all the colors under the sun, but it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate it. Symbolic colors that you’re having a hard time incorporating can be used in art and prints in the décor. For example, a painting of hummingbirds would evoke the fire element. All animals and living creatures are fire!

The desk

Your desk is where a lot of your brainstorming, designing, and plans are created. Having a functional desk is important, but it also needs to facilitate the best Ch’i flow. The desk shouldn’t be a dump for junk mail and miscellaneous items. File away anything that won’t be used daily—including papers, forms, and writing tools. The goal is to declutter and make everything as easily accessible. The stress that stems from a cluttered desk will also be whisked away. Ch’i won’t stagnate as it passes over the disorganized files and documents. You’ll end up with a more efficient workspace, which helps you complete tasks more smoothly.

feng shui designed desk

Positioning your desk

If your desk isn’t already in a command position, this should be one of the first changes you make! Don’t have your back to the door. You’ll feel safer once you can see everything as it comes through the door. You won’t ever be startled or surprised about any clients who walk in! It also means that nothing is happening behind your back business-wise. You’re always privy to the goings-on of your company. If this isn’t possible, place a mirror on your desk so you can see behind you!

Ensure you’re not directly in front of the door. You may wish to rotate your desk so it faces your lucky feng shui direction! As for the chair, purchase one with nice back support. The solidity of the chair helps keep you upright and alert, while an ergonomic cushioning complements it. This is a great example of balanced yin and yang.


Everyone can agree that natural light is the best choice. It stimulates brain activity and has a positive effect on the mind. Natural light and fresh air from open windows are great features to ensure a positive and productive state of mind in the office.

The windows are tricky features to work with, though. On one hand, Ch’i flows in through windows. On the other, Ch’i energy may have a negative effect when it isn’t slowed down by furnishings within the space, resulting in it rushing out too quickly. Placing a plant near the window not only benefits the plant but also slows down Ch’i from draining out the window by bouncing it back into the room. Keep your plants to an odd number—it leads to more energy! If there is an abundance of glass (leaks Ch’i), you may need to find more ways to keep it in your workspace.

Have any other feng shui office design tips? Let us know!

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