Feng shui professionals are the go-to for clients’ questions about both the practice of feng shui and the ways it can improve their lives. Although feng shui has been around for thousands of years, general knowledge of this ancient Chinese discipline’s ability to affect one’s living spaces, working spaces, and personal lives is quite limited.

As a certified feng shui professional, you’re considered an expert! That’s why it’s so important to prepare yourself for common feng shui questions. Answering them confidently and accurately will not only boost your credibility and professionalism, but also help your clients understand exactly how feng shui can improve their lives.

Here are five common feng shui questions and some informative answers that will allow you to provide your client with the best possible advice and tips.

1. How does feng shui work, and how can it help me?

Feng shui may have been around for 4000 years, but many people are still unclear on exactly what it is. An ancient art and science that originated in China, feng shui focuses on how the placement of objects within a space affect the energy flow (or chi) in the living environment, as well the personal energy flow of the occupants. “Chi” is defined as invisible energy that binds life together, and the practice of feng shui teaches us how to attract strong chi into our homes.

So, how can feng shui help your client?

Have your client think about the different aspects of their life, such as their relationships, career, physical health, and mental wellbeing. All of these aspects are affected by their current living conditions, such as the placement of furniture and layout of rooms, as well as the use of color. As a feng shui professional, you will not only help them understand the practice, but also arrange their home in a way that is conducive to improvements in their lives. Understanding a client’s unique needs can help you target your answer.

How can feng shui help me?

For instance, feng shui can help create better relationships between people who share a living or working space. If your prospective client is a manager whose team has been struggling to work together, this information shows how feng shui can provide a solution.

2. What’s involved in the feng shui consultation?

A feng shui consultation is an initial meeting between the client and the feng shui professional, typically lasting for about two hours. The consultation takes place in the client’s home or workspace. It allows the feng shui professional to get to know the client and establish what needs to be done in order to optimize feng shui within the client’s living or working environment.

Consultations usually include:

  • A discussion between the feng shui professional and the client to determine the client’s specific needs
  • An initial visit to the home or working space
  • Analysis of the placement of furniture within the home or working space
  • Identification of electromagnetic smog pollution and dirty electricity (DE) levels, as these can negatively impact the client’s chi
  • Feng shui astrology to align the client’s home/office with seasonal and yearly astrological changes
  • Feng shui space clearing

Feng shui consultation

Find out what clients look for in a feng shui professional in order to be best prepared for feng shui consultations.

3. How many years of experience do you have?

Clients will want to know how long you have been in the feng shui business. Your years of experience will add to your credibility and increase their trust in your abilities.

While you should never undervalue your skills, it is important to be honest. You may be new to the world of feng shui, but it’s all about how you present this information to a client. Instead of saying that you only have one year’s experience, mention the various jobs you have completed in that one year’s time, and emphasize the skills you’ve gained as a result.

Want to broaden your experience? Maybe it’s time to try out some new ways to find feng shui jobs.

4. What are your rates?

One of the most important questions for a client is how much your services will cost. You may have an hourly rate, or you may “package” your services for a flat rate. Without underselling or undervaluing your talent, you can ask your client what they can budget for. From there, work out how many hours of your time they’ll need or what package will best suit their situation.

Feng shui bedroom

Certain factors will influence the price of the consultation, such as the size of the client’s home or space, as well as the scale of the changes that need to be made by the feng shui professional.

In general, American homeowners who employed the services of a feng shui professional in 2016 spent an average of $699.

5. How long does it take to see results after the feng shui consultation?

Once the initial feng shui consultation is complete, there is a second “fine-tuning” session a few months later, which is done once most of the feng shui improvements are complete. In terms of seeing results in one’s life after feng shui has been employed, it all depends on the aspects of the home or working environment that were changed.

Feng shui decor

For example, if a client’s sleep is being negatively affected by electromagnetic pollution, the solution could be as easy as moving the bed to face another direction, or changing the color scheme. This will produce positive chi, and quite quickly. Other changes, however, may take more time, so it is important for the feng shui professional to communicate to the client that they should be patient with various aspects of the practice, as results will come.

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