Unless you regularly participate in polar bear plunges, no one looks forward to the awkward sprint from a warm bed to a cold tile floor. Or having to jump into an even colder shower stall. But living in these modern times means we no longer have to put up with a chilly bathroom—and when we say chilly, we’re talking about more than just a low thermostat!

Interior decorators can also do their part to make everyday routines just a little more bearable. With these design tips in mind, your clients will no longer dread mornings. Once you work your interior decorating magic, a once frigid bathroom may just became the favorite room in the house!

1. Introduce warmer colors

Chilly Bathroom Warm Paint

Porcelain and stainless steel fixtures tend to make a cold bathroom look even starker. To add some warmth back into the space, consider incorporating a bolder color palette. A bathroom can still be fresh and inviting with a deep paint color.

A rich hue will create a striking contrast with lighter fixtures. It’s also the perfect backdrop for cozier natural finishes such as natural wood or stone. Just make sure anything you incorporate is properly sealed and moisture-friendly! Porcelain tiles now come in stunning wood finishes, so your client can have the best of both worlds. Dark stained cabinets will also up the style factor while giving your clients extra space to conceal mundane bathroom items. Even the best interior decorator will have a hard timing elevating a bottle of mouthwash!

2. Feature soft textiles

Chilly Bathroom Soft Textiles

Hopping on a warm rug is much more appealing than having to dash across a freezing bathroom floor. Look for a bold bath rug to instantly make the space seem more inviting. A stylish rug designed for outdoor use is also a terrific, durable option—as long as the texture isn’t too coarse!

Brand new fluffy towels and a hook for bathrobes are an incredibly easy way to warm up a bleak bathroom. Likewise, update window treatments and shower curtains with cheerful patterns. Try to design for ease of use. An upholstered chair is not only a chic touch, it’s also a great place for your client to apply moisturizer, or as a spot to drape clothing. Play with your color palette so that all bathroom elements work together in a cohesive, cozy color scheme. That means paying attention to faucets, basin, bathtub, flooring, walls, and textiles.

3. Use ambient lighting

Chilly Bathroom Warm Candles

If your clients are lucky enough to have a gas fireplace, make it a focal point of their bathroom. Consider adding a small mantle or shelf near the bath as a place to light some flickering candles (or put wine glasses for a relaxing night in!). A few well-staged mirrors will reflect the extra glow.

Consider having your client install a lighting fixture with a dimming option. The glare of bright bathroom lighting might just be too much for some people first thing in the morning. As an alternative, suggest specialty vanity lighting on a separate switch so that your client can still apply mascara or shave. The bathroom can still transform into a relaxing retreat later on in the day.

4. Splurge on heated floors

chilly bathroom warm colors and floor

If your client is resolute on making their bathroom experience more enjoyable, heated flooring is the way to go. Although it’s more of an investment, heated flooring is actually quite economical. And while it may sound high-tech and out of budget, electric radiant heating is simple to install (for an electrician—we don’t recommend DIY-ing this update!). Once a cable-laced mat is lowered into the subflooring, porcelain or natural stone tile can be installed on top.

Imagine waking up a heated bathroom floor just as the smell of fresh coffee wafts in. The design pitch to your client won’t be hard to make! Heated towel bars are another option that will make a big different in terms of how your client feels about their bathroom. And the ultimate touch? A heated toilet seat.

5. Install a new showerhead

Chilly Bathroom Accessories

What makes a spa experience so much more special than a soak in a regular old bathtub? Why, the luxurious features, of course. If your client can’t install a new bathtub or a lovely steam shower, suggest they spend a little extra on a fantastic showerhead. Choose from the exotic sensation of rain shower or a massaging jet spray. Your client is going to feel like every morning is a chance to rejuvenate!

The simplest trick ever? Make your clients love their bathroom again by providing ample storage. Use chic soap dishes and dispensers to give it an upscale feel. Even cotton balls will feel opulent in a stylish stainless steel holder. Banish clutter in favor of inviting accessories and your clients will soon look forward to using their bathroom!

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