Home stagers, get ready for a game-changing season of holiday home staging! With these simple twists on classic winter decor, you can bring holiday spirit into a staged house and make buyers feel like they’re home for the holidays!

Adding these tricks during the holiday season makes a home feel inviting and warm. During winter, everyone wants to be cuddled up in a cozy home—so get decorating and add these holiday ideas to your home staging process! Buyers will be lining up in the cold to sneak a peek…

1. Create Warmth

Pretty much everything in this list will add warmth to a home—but it is the most important part of creating a holiday ambiance! From paint colors, to plants, to candles, warmth can come from every element in the home. As a home stager, you need the home to emanate its livability. Adding touches of warmth makes potential buyers feel welcomed and comfortable. So add décor with warm color tones, like red and gold, around the home for an element of holiday spirit!

2. Add Holiday Accents

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You don’t need to go overboard with holiday décor just because it’s the Christmas season. A few holiday-inspired pieces will stand out (and bring out that warmth we keep talking about!).

Create DIY winter centerpieces for tables by placing pinecones, candles, or ornaments in a glass bowl. It will add a holiday vibe without being overwhelmingly Christmas-themed. Or, try adding red table runners or accent pillows around the home. Adding a pop of color makes the best parts of the house stand out and makes the home feel cozy to possible buyers!

3. Plants

With home staging, adding plants is a quick and easy way to bring freshness to a home. The liveliness that plants give off stems (wink, wink) throughout the house.To keep in tune with the holiday spirit, add poinsettias for a warm touch of color. Not only are poinsettias beautiful, their shade creates a deep romantic ambiance to the home. Perfect for a newly betrothed couple!

Or, to attract family-oriented buyers, Christmas trees can fill out a large living room and let possible buyers picture their holidays surrounded by loved ones. Even for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, a full evergreen is a great touch of winter décor in a home!

Adding wreaths is another simple way to bring life to home staging during the holiday season. Wreaths symbolize continuity through the evergreens they’re made from, which can add a whole new element to the home. Place a full-bodied wreath on the front door to give potential buyers an instant feeling of warmth when they come to view the home.

4. Sweets & Treats

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We’re not saying you need to lure people into your clients’ home to make a sale, but having a few holiday treats can make a buyer’s trek through the winter weather more worthwhile!

Something as simple as a hot beverage can change a viewer’s impression of the home. They’ll feel all warm and fuzzy from sipping on hot apple cider or indulging in a creamy hot chocolate! And a small sweet treat, whether it be homemade cookies or mint candies, will make buyers appreciate the extra effort you put into making their experience enjoyable. Besides, the holiday smells alone will entice viewers and make that house feel like a home!

5. Holiday Scents

Plug in a holiday-inspired air freshener or use essential oils to spread spiced scents throughout the home. Cinnamon and vanilla essential oils smell intoxicating and instantly warm a room. A favorite technique around Christmastime? Simmer apple cider on the stove with cloves, oranges, and cinnamon sticks. Simply the BEST way to add a holiday touch!

Candles are another great way to add warmth and light in the home. Create a holiday atmosphere with tall candle holders on the mantle or dining room table. Scented candles immerse a room in their aroma, so light some up before viewings.

Design Tip: Stay away from items that make the home feel smoky or foggy. Incense can easily overtake a home and make the air feel heavy. As well, don’t blow out candle flames since this can leave behind a burnt smell. Cover the candle with a lid to keep the smoke (and smell) contained.

6. Create curb appeal

Don’t take any chances when it comes to holding a viewing of the home—be sure to shovel walkways, stairs, and any other outdoor surface that needs to be cleared! First of all, you don’t want any injuries. So get shovelling and sprinkle ice salt to melt any dangerous patches of ice—then sweep it away once the ice melts! Secondly, staging a home is about creating comfort and ease. Make the home accessible so clients can picture themselves living there. Any impasses can make possible buyers doubt their decisions.

7. Light the Way

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In addition to shoveling and clearing a path, light the exterior of the house and its walkways. It gets dark early during the winter season and you need to draw attention to the home. Make sure that viewers can see the curb appeal of the house as well—it’s just as important as the interior when it comes to staging!

Further, light rooms fully so the home doesn’t fall victim to the gloomy winter weather. A few extra lamps and candles make a huge difference to the atmosphere in a home. If there is a functioning fireplace available, take advantage of the light from a small fire. Just watch that it doesn’t get too warm inside—remember, comfort is a priority for winter homes!
Embellishing a home with holiday spirit is the best way to catch a buyer’s eye—just add pieces that remind you of home comforts and winter warmth! Appeal to the senses through colors and scents. Any viewer will be begging to buy the home once they get a taste of your holiday décor!

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