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Christmas decorating is what we look forward to all year long. With some candles here, some presents there… there are countless ways to transform your home into a holiday utopia!

But we all know someone who doesn’t have the best taste when it comes to Christmas décor. Whether it’s Aunt Marge or your roommate, some of us definitely need a little help when it comes to making our home feel festive and look presentable! Don’t fret if you can’t find the words to tell them how tacky their holiday decorations are, let us do the convincing with our list of festive vs. tacky Christmas décor!

Decorating the christmas tree ideas and perfectly wrapped presents

Faux Christmas Trees

Verdict: Festive

There’s no doubt that fake Christmas trees boast a bunch of advantages—here are the reasons you should ditch the real evergreens and opt for a reusable tree.

If a real Christmas is too much work this season (you know, having to cut it down and all the vacuuming that ensues) then a fake tree is clearly the better option. When choosing a fake Christmas tree, go for ones that are bare—you get to add your own decorations which is the best part of Christmas! Even if your ornaments are somewhat tacky, we’ll let it slide this time around. You can go for a completely new look next year since your artificial tree will last for plenty of holidays to come!

Giant Snowmen

Verdict: Tacky

To be honest, there’s nothing cool about having a giant Frosty impersonator tied down to your roof. It tends to look like a bubble ball wrestling costume with a snowman’s face stuck to it…

We’re not against a real snowmen, however. Going out in the snow, packing giant snowballs, and dressing them in silly clothing—what sounds better than that? So instead of spending an exorbitant amount of money on that giant blow up Frosty the Snowman decoration, just make a real one! We promise, it will be easier and WAY more fun. Unless you really, really love your giant snowman. If that’s the case, just make sure Frosty goes with the rest of your holiday décor!

Snowmen decorations for the holidays


Verdict: Festive

Tinsel goes on almost everything! From trees to railings to mantels—it’s an easy way to jazz up a home or workplace. Of course, try not to go overboard with the stuff since it’s very shiny. But it does make your office desk a little more festive! If you’re aiming for a sophisticated look with your holiday décor, use simple gold and silver tinsel to add charm in your home. It will stand out with being over-the-top.


Verdict: Festive

It’s a Christmas-themed flower, what’s not to love?!

Poinsettias add warmth and liveliness to your home during the Christmas season. They’re a reminder that there is life beyond the stark chill of winter. The beautiful red color draws your eyes and gives your home a deep glow. Just please, please, please remember: poinsettias are toxic to pets. So keep them well out of reach or skip them altogether if you have a home filled with furry friends!

Decorating stockings to hang on the mantel for christmas decor


Verdict: Festive

Okay, we misspoke earlier—this is the best part of Christmas! Stockings never get old, even if we do…

The perfect accessories for a fireplace or to liven up your mantelpiece, stockings are always a classic in Christmas décor. Get them up as soon as possible—it’s exciting to have a reminder that Christmas is just around the corner! And the little gifts you get to pack into them make Christmas all the more enjoyable. Even just a few simple chocolates make sweet stocking stuffers!

Roof Reindeer

Verdict: Tacky

Do we even have to explain ourselves? A fake Santa Claus sled and all his nine reindeer…a bit of Christmas overkill, don’t you think? Especially to have this on top of your house, it kind of screams, “We love Christmas and we need to out-do all of our neighbours so (cue Jack Nicholson voice) heeere’s SANTA!”

Well, it definitely kicks your Christmas spirit into overdrive! But then again, if you really love your Santa sled just make sure there’s enough room for your giant snowman!

Indoor Snow

Verdict: Tacky

It’s safe to say that indoor snow usually just looks like fake cotton laid out along the table. So let’s just skip it this year, shall we?

One thing you can do to give your home a frosted glow is buy window frost—it’s just a can full of fake snow and gives your windows a snowy look! Pick up some here and bring that elegant frosted look indoors! Or, you can find some stick-on snowflake window decals. They’re available at any décor store and make a green Christmas feeling snowy!

How to decorate your living room for holidays

Door Décor

Verdict: Festive

When it comes to wreaths and bows, let your Christmas spirit show! Just like poinsettias and Christmas trees, wreaths add warmth to your home during the holidays. They bring in a little bit of the outdoors and you can decorate them with ornaments for a Christmas look!

And bows…they just look good on everything! Presents, doors, mantels, and more, bows easily bring cheer and sweetness to a room. Try out some glitter bows this year to give your home some extra sparkle.

Paper Snowflakes

Verdict: Festive for kids, tacky for adults

Everyone remembers making paper snowflakes as a kid, painting them or covering them in glitter for our parents to hang around the house. They were the best decorations because we made them ourselves. Yet, when you get older it’s hard to force yourself to enjoy paper snowflakes. They tear easily and the patterns are always awkward to cut out. So let’s just leave this craft to the kids from now on. That being said, you should proudly display any art class snowflake that makes its way to you this year!

Wooden star DIY Christmas decorations for the home
Keeping up with trendy Christmas décor can be challenging when there’s a never-ending list of ornaments to choose from. Personalize your holiday décor by mixing a few sentimental pieces into the elegant trimmings around your home. The trick? Keep kitschy ornaments to a minimum so they blend in!

Want to know how to do Christmas décor the right way? Our next post will show you the best ways to bring holiday spirit into your home.

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