Whether you’re venturing into the design industry for the first time, or you’ve been working as a professional home stager for a few years, the fact that this is a profitable career shouldn’t come as a surprise! Your services are invaluable to clients who want their properties to be snapped up quickly by potential buyers. As you complete more and more successful projects, you’ll find that your design business (and career) grow steadily as a result.

But what about your salary? Your services as a home stager – especially if you have a staging certification – are worth a lot to clients, and as such there are many ways to boost your earnings. Read on for a full guide to growing your salary as a home stager and get ready to grow your income!

Maintain relationships with clients

Never underestimate the power of a strong working relationship with your home staging clients. From the moment a homeowner decides that they need to hire a home stager, they are putting a great deal of trust in that individual to assess their home, highlight its best features, and prepare it to be sold for the best market price. Once you’re hired to provide home staging services, the relationship with your client is formed – and it is a seriously important one.

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They’ll be dependent on your expertise, asking you questions and noting your answers. Knowing how to banish clutter, display their items in new ways, and evaluate any repairs that need to be made is key in this situation. Plus, being able to make quick, educated decisions will impress your client and build a level of trust.

Once their home is sold, you should be proud of your accomplishment, but also know that the relationship definitely does not end there! Keep in touch with all of your home staging clients – they will refer you to friends and colleagues, potentially share your services on social media, and sing your praises in Facebook and Google reviews. Word-of-mouth is huge for home staging professionals, so make sure your clients are happy with their staged home, and that they have your business card so they can pass on your name.

The more clients and jobs you work on, the more your salary as a home stager will grow!

Get certified

How can you ensure that you’re ahead of the competition as a home staging professional? Get certified! When it comes to home staging, the right training will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed – decluttering, redesign, creating curb appeal, and the basics of real estate are just a few items you’ll become well-versed in. A home staging class will also provide tools to deal with different client personalities and real estate agents, so not only will you hit the ground running, you’ll also have a leg up on other design professionals. You’ll know how to communicate and work with important players in the industry better than they do!

Speaking of having a leg up, home stager training (and a staging certification, for that matter) will set you apart from your competition, giving you that extra edge sought after by employers and clients. Once you receive your professional designation, you can start building your hands-on experience right away – network as much as possible and don’t be afraid to volunteer your services.

And never underestimate the connections you make as you complete your training! Get to know your fellow students and be sure to take advantage of the career resources available to you through your design school. You never know who may need home staging services or who can help you find a job. The sooner you start working as a certified home staging, the quicker you’ll build your salary – so grab every opportunity to hone your skills and meet as many people in the interior design industry as you can.

Pro tip: Many home staging schools teach you how to start your own business, so be sure to soak up this knowledge! Having your own home staging business is one of the best ways to grow your salary, as you can set your own rates and choose your clients.  It may take several years before you launch your own business, but making it a career goal (which many aspiring home stagers do) is an excellent idea.

Offer new services

If you’ve been working as a home stager for a little while and have built a steady list of clientele, it may be time to think about expanding your services. If you want to grow your salary, this is a fantastic way to do so, as clients will see you as a one-stop shop, and no longer just a home stager.

When choosing the best options for expanding services, it’s important to consider what would be a natural and complementary fit with your current home staging services. One branch of the design industry to consider is feng shui – the idea of healthy living is extremely trendy with homeowners, and wellness and balance are at the heart of this ancient Chinese practice.  Find out how to add feng shui to your design services!

Another service you can offer as a home stager that will undoubtedly grow your income is flipping homes! Staging naturally lends itself to the process of flipping homes, so your design certification will prepare you well. Become familiar with best flipping practices, be patient, and know that you have the tools to flip homes successfully. Clients will appreciate the range of skills you can provide, and having an extra service can only boost your salary as a designer.

Never stop learning

Regardless of if you’ve been in the design industry for years or just a few weeks, it is so important to keep sharpening your skills! Learn about different branches of interior design and consider expanding your services to include things like professional organizing and interior decorating. This can only boost your salary as a home stager, and ensure your career is dynamic all the way through.

It’s challenging to make all types of people feel comfortable in a home, but follow these 5 tips from online home staging courses to find out how!

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