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How to Use Feng Shui to Boost Your Design Salary

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Whether your speciality lies in interior decorating, home staging, or professional organizing, you’ve been loving working in the field.

After a period of time, it’s natural to start looking at ways to boost your design salary. As a certified design professional, expanding your services into the world of feng shui is an excellent way to attract new clients, provide extra services, and increase your income as a designer.

Read on for our helpful tips on how to obtain a feng shui design certification, use this ancient Chinese philosophy in your current work, and enhance the lives of your clients while you boost your design salary!

Feng shui is trending

Gone are the days when sustainable, green living was a niche market! These days, every professional designer knows that wellness and green living are booming, which is great news for current feng shui professionals and designers who want to expand their services. Many clients are keen onmaking their homes more eco-friendly by using recycled materials, plants, natural lighting, and proper furniture arrangement.

This interest in creating a healthy living environment (specifically through the placement of furniture and the use of plants) is a major component offeng shui, which is all about balance. Feng shui literally means “wind-water” in English, and focuses on combining the elements of nature, such as wood, fire, metal, earth and water, to create positive energy and well-being within the home.

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If you’re thinking of adding feng shui to your design repertoire, there has never been a better time to do so! Everyone’s interested in how living environments affect moods, health, and overall well-being.

Get proper feng shui training

If you’re currently an interior decorator, professional organizer, or home stager, you’ll want to begin your foray into feng shui design with proper training. As you are already a busy design professional, an online design course will allow you to gain skills and knowledge – all while fitting around your current schedule! During your flexible online training, you’ll earn a professional feng shui certification that demonstrates your feng shui services in addition to your current design skills.

One huge advantage of feng shui design is that, once you have the proper knowledge foundation, you can add these elements into your clients’ home in fluid ways. Clients will appreciate your experience working with different approaches to style. You can also explain to your interior decorating clients, for example, that certain paint colors will inspire energy in different rooms, while others will have a more calming effect.

If staging homes is your speciality, knowledge of feng shui design will allow you to balance and harmonize areas throughout the home, making it even more desirable to potential buyers!

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Professional organizers can draw from their knowledge of feng shui to get rid of clutter and improve their home organizing services. It’s a branch of the design industry that complements all professions!

Give your business an edge

It’s no secret that the design industry is competitive! Learning feng shui and offering it to your design clients is a fantastic way to give your business an edge, and show current and new clients alike that you are a dynamic, highly skilled design professional.

Besides the obvious advantage of impressing clients, expanding your professional design services will also increase your salary. Receiving a feng shui certification is key, as it will show clients that you successfully completed training and are ready to offer feng shui services with skill and professionalism. When clients know they can trust you to make the best decisions, you will build a great reputation for yourself as a versatile design professional.

Package your services

While word-of-mouth is essential in attracting new clients who need your dynamic expertise, it’s also important to spend time marketing your new skills. A strong website and social media presence are key, but packaging your design services in appealing combinations is also an excellent way to entice new clients. For example, you can offer a “full-service” package that includes two or more different skills, including feng shui design, allowing clients to reap the benefits of your skills and knowledge in various areas of their home. This package can be priced accordingly, based on the value it will provide your client, and you can offer smaller “bundles” that focus specifically on organizing one or two rooms, or helping clients move.

Be sure to spend some time researching the industry in your area to ensure that your prices are both similar to the average rate while also remaining competitive. Your level of experience is also an important factor to keep in mind, as this will affect your service package prices.

Don’t be afraid to build design packages and price them well – after all, your skills are extremely valuable and clients depend on your expertise!

There are many stereotypes surrounding feng shui, so find out what’s true and what’s not with these 6 debunked myths!

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