Your interior decorating certification can take you in a lot of different directions – it’s a dynamic industry that lets you bring your best creative ideas to the table. Becoming an interior decorator is the most obvious career path—it’s in the name! But what other jobs are out there? When you know about all the different opportunities you’re qualified for, you’ll be able to take on more challenging projects, allowing you to become a design expert much faster than the average designer.

Read on for 5 unexpected interior decorating jobs you should go for as a certified home designer!

Set Decorator

Your interior decorating skills are certainly not limited to homes and offices. The film industry is one area you may have never considered before. Set decorators are always needed to organize, source, and keep records of decor for a film set!

A strong knowledge of design and decoration, as well as color theory, is necessary in this role. You also need a creative flair and attention to detail! Employers in the film industry will be looking for a combination of skills, motivation and a unique style.

set decorator is an interior decorating job

These jobs can be found in any online job search, as well as through network connections you make at conferences and other events.

Retail Store Interior Design Coordinator/Manager

If you’re interested in working in a retail environment, this job could be a great fit for you. Just having an interior decorator certificate can take you far but not all the way. You’ll need to gain real-world experience!

Working in a store that specializes in interiors will allow you to get your feet wet. You’ll get to know clients, share your expertise, and provide solutions on color and decor on a smaller scale than you would as a business owner or full-fledged designer. If your goal is to eventually become a store manager, starting as a coordinator or assistant is an excellent way to work your way up. You’ll build on your customer service skills and grow within the company. And if you want to try your hand at marketing, you can become a retail merchandiser with your decorating skills, too!

You can search for interior design retail jobs anywhere, and searching locally to get your foot in the door as an interior decorator is a great way to increase your potential to become manager!

Kitchen Designer

Your interior decorating class taught you how to select and arrange furniture, create home design plans, and work magic in every space. One space in particular, the kitchen, could be the main focus of your work as a kitchen designer.

interior decorating for kitchen design

In this position, you would be employed by a design firm or retail store. You’d be expected to create custom interiors for clients based on their vision and preferences. You would work closely with clients to determine which features of the kitchen they use most, and then use your expertise to design a space that they’ll love!

In order to become a kitchen designer, you’ll require a few years of experience. Try to hone your kitchen design skills as much as possible during your training!

Design Coordinator

Joining a design firm is a desirable career move for any new interior decorator. Well-established interior design firms are highly regarded in the industry; they’re known for producing professional, high-quality work and following best practices. As a coordinator or assistant for a design firm, you’ll gain experience to serve you well in the future.

As a design coordinator, for example, you would work as part of a team to develop interior projects, assess client needs, present solutions, and source various products. You’ll need an interior decorating certification for this type of role, and your interpersonal and communication skills will be put to good use with clients! You’ll also need a strong knowledge of software programs, like the Adobe Creative Suite, and be able to multi-task and work well within a team.

loft interior design for an interior decorating client

Any interior decorating job search will yield this type of role, but you can fine-tune your job search even further by searching for roles exclusively at interior design firms!


One huge advantage of obtaining your interior decorator certificate? Having the option of starting your own business!

An interior decorating course will teach you the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and being your own boss, giving you the confidence to start your own business. You’ll likely start out small, working from home. But as word-of-mouth travels, and your marketing campaigns start to take off, your business will grow!

Becoming an entrepreneur is a different path than any other interior decorating job – you’ll need to do your research, find design clients, and spend a good deal of time practicing and marketing your skills.

It can be extremely rewarding to start your own design business, and interior decorator training teaches you the skills you need to start on the path to being an entrepreneur!

>Find out what you can expect on the road to your interior decorating certification? 

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