Graduate Feature: Skye Cecilia Boyd-Fisher - QC Design School
Skye Cecilia headshot qc design school graduate

Name: Skye Cecilia Boyd-Fisher

Location: Sutton West, Ontario, Canada

QC courses you’ve taken:

Instagram: @skyececiliadesign

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Skye Cecilia, and I am a home stager, interior decorator and blogger.  I live in a Cape Cod inspired home located on Lake Simcoe in Sutton West, Ontario. My husband and I enjoy spending time with our dog, Harris, as well as travelling and redesigning our new home.

I absolutely love the design community and the career that I have created within it! One day, I plan on opening a home decor shop while continuing to grow my home design services.

open concept home staging by Skye Cecilia

Why did you decide to go into home staging and interior decorating?

My home design career stemmed from my last career as a visual merchandiser. I used to create store windows/wall displays and other creative exhibits that presented store merchandise. I really enjoyed being creative with merchandise, but I wanted to break into the home design industry. Home design and redesign has always been a hobby of mine and I wanted to peruse a career within it.

So, I left the retail world and started staging homes for my husband, a Realtor. After my first stage, I was hooked! I absolutely LOVE staging home and having the freedom to be creative. I like that everyday is different in the design world!

My favorite part of being a home stager, interior decorator and blogger is that I get to influence my audience to take risks and to help people create a space that they love being in. Whether it is creating a space for potential buyers, redesigning a space for new homeowners or sharing design projects that I’ve done in my home on the blog, I adore this career.

kitchen redesign by skye cecilia

How do you think working with a real estate agent has impacted your career?

I have a few Realtors who I work closely with, which is great! This has helped my staging career as these Realtors feed me continued business and trust that my work gets the job done, as it has proven to sell homes quicker and for more value.

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is that I get to be creative and try new things. I also love that everyday is different, and I enjoy being an entrepreneur.

Any career highlights you’d like to share?

I have achieved the opportunity to work on the Bloggers Design Campaign with Wayfair Canada.

Skye Cecilia's design for home staging and interior decorating

How do you think QC Design School has prepared you for working in the field?

Without QC Design School, I would not be a Certified Home Stager! I really enjoyed that I was able to complete my home staging class on my time, within my schedule. I also wouldn’t have the confidence that I do today if it wasn’t for the school’s courses and continued support.

Congratulations on becoming a QC Design School graduate! What do you think the future holds for you and your business?

The future holds many things for my business. I plan to grow my design business in both home staging and interior design and to share it on my blog to influence my audience.

home staging and redesign by skye cecilia

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