With Christmas just around the corner, it’s hard not to be excited about all the in-coming festivities and public tree-lighting ceremonies. While some people are still rushing to find presents for their loved ones, other families have already moved onto decorating their homes. Most families stick to decorating their living rooms with mistletoe wreaths, stockings, and a tree to pop their gifts under. Other home owners, however, are ride-or-die with their decorating and produce some dazzling multi-story light and décor displays that make their neighbors stop when they’re passing through. Keep reading for our list of the best holiday lawn décor of all time—at least found on Twitter, that is.

1.   The clever neighbor

Some neighbor-to-neighbor jesting is part of the Christmas spirit. It’s hard to compete with your neighbor who goes all-out for the holidays, but we think this family has found a foolproof solution (watch the video till the end)!

2.    Go BIG or go home

Christmas in Connecticut is something else! We found a couple tweets that highlighted the curb appeal of this house. This family’s display has not one, not two, but three towering Christmas trees, a mass of inflatable carolers, and a complete sleigh and reindeer set—the whole shebang!

3.    The Holiday hospital

We know the budget for Christmas décor is probably a lot higher for this children’s hospital compared to individual home owners, but the result is dazzling—and probably has brightened up the smiles of many kids and families in the complex.

4.    Baby, it’s hot outside

The land down under experiences Christmas right smack in the middle of the summer. While Australia’s traditional fare often incorporates throwing some prawns on the “barbie” and cold food instead of hot roast dinners, some houses are still decking their homes with show-stopping light displays akin to what we have in the northern hemisphere.

5.    Light up the night

We’re swooning over all the crisp, neat lines of this décor. Sometimes you run the risk of muddying up a display by using too many different shapes, colors, and lights… but they nailed it when it came to separating just what each part of the décor is for!

6.    Transitioning isn’t so hard

Tim Burton isn’t the only one who can unite Halloween and Christmas into one! Redditor savage_irony turned the scary skeleton from his Halloween décor into a spooky variation of Christmas cheer! (On a related note, here’s how to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas décor!)

7.    They don’t kid around in Connecticut!

The Halliwell family puts on this annual display of 350,000 lights called Wonderland at Roseville. They even have their own Facebook page! They collect donations each year from the 30, 000 people who visit the display for Shriners Hospitals for Children. Although they’re having some issues this year with their neighbors, we hope this charitable family can continue to spread their Christmas cheer onto year 19!

We can’t argue that these displays are out of this world, but it may not be to everyone’s taste. Check out this article for our review of holiday décor—is it festive or just plain tacky?

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