Many home designers want to start their own business. There’s so much freedom as your own boss! While this is an excellent goal, it’s not one that will come easily. It can take a few years to start a business, and failed attempts are part of the experience.

Can’t seem to push your business to the next level? Don’t fret. Follow our guide and put the wind back in your sails!

Improve your image

When a client needs some design expertise, they’ll go online. We’re living in a digital world! If you want to attract clients, you need a fierce online presence. This begins with a great logo. Think of this as the image that clients will remember.

design student working on home design plans

You also need to rank highly on Google. This will give you serious visibility and help your design business get off the ground. To keep this ranking, you’ll need to regularly pump out content relevant to your business. Regular articles and social media photos will engage your audience.

Build your skill set

If you have a design certification, congrats! It will be invaluable as you start your business.

But if you’re still having trouble getting your business off the ground, enroll in a new course to really get things moving. The more services you can offer, the more valuable you’ll become! Find out which other courses your design school offers. Having a wide range of knowledge in this industry is key – especially in areas that are lacking in your local design industry.

For instance, if your neighbors like to feel balanced and positive, a Feng Shui certification can put you ahead of other designers! Or, having a more in-depth knowledge of the way color theory works in each room shows your clients you’re committed to their needs.

With more training under your belt, your list of services will outdo any other business in the area.

Package your services

Packages are much more attractive than just one or two products. Your design courses introduced you to different branches of the industry, you should offer more than one service to your clients. On top of this, try to arrange your services in appealing combinations!

moving couple about to start interior painting

For example, offer a package of organizing services to clients who are moving. This may include decluttering and downsizing, garage sales and repurposing. Your design business will seriously benefit from bundles! Clients will love the idea of receiving a small discount for packaged services, and you’ll benefit from a higher profit!

Get certified

Many aspiring designers focus their career goals on this industry. Not surprising! It’s an exciting field to work in, and provides a great salary.

In this competitive field, you really need to set yourself apart. Getting a professional certification will give you an edge over other decorators in your area. It will also show employers and clients alike that you completed training and can be trusted to work on any project they send your way.

Find referrals

Clients will turn to search engines to find local designers. Don’t discount the power of word-of-mouth and reviews!

modern home design office

Always focus on gaining new referrals from your clients. This will give your business an extra boost! It just makes sense that a happy client would want to share their experiences. They’ll be happy to mention your name to others who may need your services.

Give out business cards to current and potential clients. The right feedback can make a huge difference in moving your business along!

Hire a business coach

Sometimes, it’s tough to get your home design business on track without some professional help. There comes a time when you need an expert opinion. Seek out a business coach to help you achieve success and get where you want to be. They’ll look at your business objectively, and help you define the career you want for yourself!


Designers pride themselves on their people skills. After all, you’re working day in and day out with tons of new personalities. You need to be outgoing! This lends itself well to networking. The more conferences and events you attend, the more you’ll be exposed to other pros.

interior decorators at networking event

Have a short elevator speech prepared about what you can offer. You’ll get your design business out there and create interest just by being yourself! Think about it this way: how will anyone know you’re a designer if you don’t tell them what you can do?

What are your career goals for 2018? Let us know in a comment below!

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