Organizing classes are great because they teach skills that are transferable for any career. Many people interested in learning organizing for growing their career prospects have a knack for it. Some people just get it! If you are one of these people, consider yourself lucky. Your talent is in demand! But talent alone doesn’t guarantee success. That’s why organized individuals opt for training and certified courses. It’s important to show your training on your resume!

Continue reading to learn about our favorite careers that organizing classes will prepare you for.

Professional organizer

The first and most obvious career path is to become a professional organizer. People are busier than ever, and it can be hard to keep up! On top of busy lifestyles, for some, organizing just doesn’t click. If this is the case, it can be frustrating.

The market for organizing is growing. Hello, minimalism! We have Marie Kondo to thank for writing the best-selling organizing book with a cult following. Now people everywhere crave tidy spaces!

Professional organizers usually work freelance or own businesses. Every day will be different!  If you like variety, this career may be perfect for you. You’ll consult with clients, organize spaces and create storage solutions. Afterwards, you’ll teach them how to maintain the newfound organized spaces. Professional organizing is a rewarding career. Creating organized spaces can truly improve your clients’ lives. If you’re looking for a diverse and rewarding career, this will be a great fit for you.

Kitchen organized by professional designer


Have you ever walked into a store and admired the displays and atmosphere? It makes a difference in your experience. No one enjoys shopping in a cluttered space!

Merchandisers have lots of responsibility. This would be a long article if we listed all the details that merchandisers handle! Know that only the most organized individuals excel in this role. As a merchandiser, you’ll do a lot more than just displaying products in a retail space.

Beyond creating beautiful displays, you’ll be responsible for stocking inventory. This involves making sure the right products arrive in the right amount to the right place. There is a lot of planning in this career. Every season and holiday will have unique challenges and inventory needs.

You’ll need to be creative and organized. Organizing classes will teach you about common issues and storage options that will work for displaying products. They’ll also teach you how to create balanced and maintainable spaces. This is very important when working with others on the retail floor.

Merchandising career for clothing stores

Inventory Management

Inventory management is similar to merchandising. This career focuses less on visual elements, but requires the same skills. You’ll be consistently working with others to manage the supply and delivery of products.

Organizing classes will teach you about the business side of the design industry. Inventory management is one example of a career that really benefits from this training. Because professional organizers are typically entrepreneurs, organizing classes also prepare students for the business world.

If you like the idea of having responsibility but also want to take advantage of your creativity, smaller retail stores may be a good fit for you. By working for a smaller company, you’ll share some of the same duties as merchandisers. Make sure you’re up for the challenge!

Moving Planner

Moving is stressful. People usually prefer to limit the amount of packing and moving they do. The whole process can be overwhelming. For the elderly or the busy, this is especially true. Not everyone can or has the time do it alone!

Moving planners help clients prepare for their moving days. This involves a lot of coordinating and organizing. You will develop a plan with your clients to reduce stress and transport items safely. Sometimes you may also assist with decluttering. It’s amazing what turns up during moves! After decluttering, you can start the moving plan.

Every detail needs to be perfectly planned. If you don’t shy away from busyness, this profession could be a great opportunity for you. If you’re trained in organizing, you’ll also be able to offer extra services. That is, if you do a good job with the move! Make your clients happy and they’ll hire you to organize their new home!

Organizing moving boxes for clients

Anything and everything

Organizing classes are an investment. The skills you’ll learn will help you in any career. No employer or client will ever complain about you being too organized. It’s not possible! Organization skills are a great marketing tool for this reason.

The course will teach you about business and the design industry. You’ll also learn how to juggle responsibilities and create solutions for unique issues. Whether you want to work for a business or become an entrepreneur, organizing classes are great preparation for any career path!

Do you think your current or dream career could benefit from organizing classes? Check out what you’ll learn in QC’s Professional Organizing Course!

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