Finally, spring has sprung! As the trees bud and the cold weather melts away, it’s time to get creative with our décor! Let’s match the colorful flora outside to our home’s interior! While wreaths are often associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas, there’s no reason we can’t adapt it for this season.

Here are some simple DIY spring wreaths to jazz up your home!

1.      Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Style Wreath

While we love the look and feel of real flowers, they won’t last long on a wreath. Unless you’re willing to refresh your flowers every week, let’s stick to faux florals!

This ultra-cute wreath uses a wagon wheel as its base! Glue fake leaves and stems in a crescent shape along three-fourths of the wheel. Then, disperse bright flowers among a lush bed of greenery. There’s even a mini watering can perched as if it’s ever-so-slightly watering the lush areas of the wheel. For some extra coordination, hang the wheel on a fabric strap in the same color as the flowers!

Find out the complete instructions here!

rustic wreath with flowers

2.      Modern Spring Wreath

This feminine hoop works both in and outside of the house. Have you been meaning to start cross-stitching or embroidering but haven’t found the will? Why not use the embroidery hoop for something else?

Start with the hoop and some faux-plant clippings. Glue down two layers of fern leaves as a base. To add depth, place the darker leaves in the back and lighter leaves to the front. Since the hoop is so thin and delicate, well defined “graphic” leaves work better for this project! Only cover about half the hoop. We want the wood to have its time in the spotlight, too!

Attach the flowers of your choice atop the leaves, and a strap to hang it up. Want an ultra-modern twist? Spray paint the embroidery hoop with gold paint before adhering the greenery.

Find the complete tutorial here!

3.      Umbrella Wreath

Okay, so it’s more of a hanging bouquet than a wreath. But we couldn’t resist. Look how inventive it is! If this is your first time making a wreath, why make it harder for yourself? This umbrella wreath is drop dead adorable and doesn’t need many industrial adhesives or crafting tools!

If you don’t have a cute umbrella to spare, stop by your local dollar store! Choose a non-collapsible one with a fun spring pattern, and you’re halfway there. To match it thematically with the bouquet, make sure the handle and the end are wooden. Then, tie off the umbrella at the middle with a pretty ribbon, the same color as one of your flowers. You now have a cone ready for fresh flowers. Finish off by hanging the umbrella of a nail by the handle. Easy peasy!

Check out this project photo for some inspo!

boxwood wreath

4.      Hydrangea Wreath

How gorgeous is this wreath? From the photos, it doesn’t seem to be anything but a bunch of flowers miraculously tubed into a circle. But it’s actually built on a grapevine wreath form! These grapevine wreaths are an ode to the fall wreaths we know and love. Simply glue on an arrangement of flowers, and you’re done.

This pastel-wreath will look stunning against a darker door. But we’re most excited about its versatility! Got any wedding celebrations ahead? Hydrangeas are some of most requested flowers for wedding celebrations. Unfortunately, they are also quite pricy! If you have an upcoming celebration, just repurpose this as event decor!

Check out the complete instructions here!

5.      Understated Wreath

Bright flowers aren’t for everyone! An understated wreath can still look fun without having all the bells and whistles. The grapevine frame is a classic that looks just as good decorated to the nines or pared down. Wild ferns and boxwood are good choices. While the fern imparts a tropical vibe, the boxwood is good year round!

Wire-down the leaves to the grapevine wreath along the same direction. It’s as simple as that! Or, if you want the vines to peak through, why not add a bird’s nest? Pick one up from the dollar store along with some foam eggs, feathers, and a few leaves. You can opt out of the pretty flowers around the wreath, but look how impressive it all looks when it’s all done!

Check out the complete instructions for the boxwood wreath here!

6.      Rustic Spring Wreath

This one puts a spin on the classic wreath. Instead of wiring down leaves or gluing them around the wreath form, this DIY wreath involves some wrapping!

Start with a natural straw wreath. Wrap a burlap ribbon over the tubing all around the circle, stapling it down. You can even paint on or stamp on a fun leaf print to the ribbon before wrapping for an earthly, spring vibe. This DIY instructs you to glue down three frog jar lids to the lower left corner, but it’s completely optional! Then add the sprigs of leaves to climb upwards from the bottom left corner. Flay them out and make sure they’re secure! Follow by gluing down a selection of some bright flowers in and around the leaves.

The finishing touches come from using some more burlap ribbon to fashion a big bow at the top.

Find the complete instructions here!

7.      Simple Berry Spring Wreath

The final entry to this list doesn’t use flowers at all! It relies on the use of multi-colored fake berries to impart the spring mood!

Start with a wreath form—use any kind that you like. Then use a hot glue gun to adhere berry sprigs in the colors of your choice. Glue them down by the base of the sprigs to add structure. Gluing down each and every individual berry is not only inefficient, but it wouldn’t look too good either! Again, stick to applying your berries in one direction all the way around.

Check out the full tutorial here!

Which project are you going to try? Let us know in a comment!

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