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6 Ways to Bring Home Décor from Winter to Spring

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As the cold winter fades into spring, your client’s home needs to make a seasonal transition as well. Throughout the winter months, the home becomes an indoor sanctuary from the winter elements, with homespun fabrics and wood as décor staples. As the weather warms up, use your knowledge of spring décor trends to ease your client’s home into a new season while making use of some pieces from the season past!

Certain colors and natural elements can be transitioned easily into the new season, while other items will need to be removed and changed completely. Read on for 6 ways to transition into spring through interior decorating!

Unscented candles

With Thanksgiving and Christmas only a couple of months apart, the home is lit regularly by candlelight throughout the late fall and early winter, and pine and mint are common scents. While the smell of pine is closely associated with the holidays, unscented candles are one item of winter décor that can make the transition into the spring. Place plain white or lightly colored pillar candles on small, colorful stands to create a lovely ambience.

Shades of blue

When it comes to winter décor, white and blue are commonly used throughout the home—white is reminiscent of snow, while blue calls to mind an icy lake. While blue evokes chilly winter feelings, it also is an excellent transition color due to its vibrant, pleasant nature. A shade of deep blue used in throw pillows or a rug is a bright addition to any living space easing into the spring months.

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Pantone’s Color of the Year

Infusing the home with spring décor elements, specifically colors, is particularly easy in 2017 since Pantone’s Color of the Year is a lively shade of green! Appropriately titled “greenery”, this color can be paired with white or deep gray during the winter months through accent pillows, vases, and throw blankets.

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Long after the snow has melted, your client can continue to reap the benefits of this energetic color through the addition of plants in green pots, colored bath towels, or artwork. Don’t be too quick to pack away green-hued items with your client’s winter décor!

Change bedding

As the weather becomes increasingly warmer, certain fabrics within the home, such as bedding, will need to be put away until the following year. Flannel sheets, a down comforter, and extra blankets kept your client warm during the winter months, but with spring and summer approaching be sure to switch these fabrics for cotton-based sheets and a lighter comforter.

Spring wreaths

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without the use of festive wreaths on doors and within the home, but you’ll need to switch the look of them for the warmer months. Simple wreaths make natural, lovely transitions from winter to spring by adding a few floral elements. If your client has a Christmas wreath with minimal ornamentation, simply add fresh tulips or other spring flowers to brighten it up and place on the front door for a burst of spring cheer!

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Natural elements are a wonderful addition to spring décor within the home, and baskets are a classic example! During the winter, your client may store blankets and clothing in baskets, or use them as centerpieces, storing pinecones or other accessories inside them. As winter turns to spring, baskets are reminiscent of Easter egg hunts and bird’s nests, making them a perfect décor item to transition from winter to spring. Hanging baskets of flowers and other bright plants are a great way to improve curb appeal, while baskets of colorful hand towels are a lovely addition to any bathroom’s décor.

With spring on the horizon, read on for some bold patterns and bright colors to inspire your professional home designs!

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