Have you ever watched a sci-fi film where the main character realizes that time isn’t linear? In deep exasperation, he shakes his best friend and explains that time is cyclical. Previous events are doomed to repeat! Well, we think that the crazy protagonist is right.

Trends are definitely cyclical. You can walk into a number of houses today and feel like you’ve stepped into a kitchen from the ‘50s or a living room from the ‘70s. The best style trends never seem to fully die out! From retro color palettes to statement pieces, using vintage elements can upgrade your staged home to (oddly enough) make it feel incredibly fresh!

Curious about how vintage inspiration is creeping into home staging? Keep reading to find out more…

Why Vintage Inspiration is Coming Back into Staging Courses

The Objective

Why has vintage design and vintage-inspired design come into the home staging world? People can argue a variety of reasons but a big one is elegance. Timeless pieces make a house feel extremely elegant and in style. With the right amount of balance, potential homeowners will see that they can go modern or traditional with their decorating. By bringing in vintage elements, you can show off more than one style without making rooms seem disparate or disjointed.

However, be careful about how many styles you bring into a space! If every room has a totally different era in mind, a lack of cohesion can put off buyers. Usually, the best plan of action is to settle on a singular era and carry it through the home. And make sure that you’re only bringing in pieces in excellent condition. Your chosen pieces should not have any rust, wear, or loose bolts. You want the space to feel move-in ready, not scare people off with all the renovations they’ll have to do!

Why Vintage Inspiration is Coming Back into Staging Courses

The Inspiration

You can either find actual vintage and antique pieces or find new items with a vintage feel. Obviously, you don’t need to buy paint from the ‘90s to get a wall color that’s inspired by that decade. Refurbishing and upcycling furniture have been extremely popular in recent years. But stores have also started to carry a lot more things that look like they are vintage even though they are brand new. Check out some of these popular vintage trends!

Statement Pieces

Creating a vintage focal point is a great way to set the tone for your design. Your eye will be drawn directly to that item, making the style inspiration easy to spot. There are so many things to choose from, including a couch or a large painting! This is probably one of the most expensive ways to incorporate vintage design, but it will certainly catch everyone’s eye.

Why Vintage Inspiration is Coming Back into Staging Courses

Pastel Colors

Remember how fun fridges used to be? The amazing pastel fridges that would sit in those bold, ‘50s kitchens. We’re not suggesting that you shell out a ton of money to bring in an appliance that your client and potential buyers might not want. But you can definitely steal that color palette! Get accent pieces like tea towels, ceramics, and tablecloths to give a nod to the ‘50s without going overboard.

Deep Colors

If you’re more inspired by the Victorian era, you can go the other way and bring in deep, saturated hues for a luxurious feel. Pair them with some heavy fabrics and velvet accents and your home will be staged for a king! Again, don’t cross the line and over-decorate with Victorian furnishings. The keyword here is inspiration NOT re-creation.

Why Vintage Inspiration is Coming Back into Staging Courses


Vintage frames on mirrors can make a room feel inspired while also opening up the room! Strategically placed mirrors can improve your staging design both by creating a great sense of style and by making smaller rooms appear bigger than they truly are.


Adding patterned designs to a home can be risky because they certainly put off a lot of people. However, there are so many eras that are marked by their unique patterns. Think of stained glass, floral wallpaper, and polka dots! Err on the side of caution with these choices but have some fun with it!

Why Vintage Inspiration is Coming Back into Staging Courses

Side tables

A sturdy, gold-accented, bespoke wooden table is furniture made in heaven! Side tables and smaller pieces of furniture are a great way to add a vintage touch into a room. Of course, they don’t need to actually be bespoke or hand painted with gold-leaf. But adding vintage flair with some nice wooden pieces can look great in almost any home!

The best vintage designs are inspired by the past but still feel extremely relevant today. The aim shouldn’t be to make buyers feel like they’re really in a home from the ‘60s. But don’t be afraid to make your client’s home feel chic and trendy by using vintage elements. Pick your pieces carefully, don’t overdo it, and cater to your audience!

What’s your favorite way to incorporate vintage inspiration into a design?

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