Ambassador Feature: Lindsay McMurray - QC Design School
QC Design School Student Ambassador, Lindsay McMurray, headshot

Lindsay McMurray

Renfrew, Ontario

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi there, I’m Lindsay McMurray! I’m a QC Design School Interior Decorating graduate residing in the small town of Renfrew, Ontario. I live here with my husband and two little girls. Our family has gone through quite a few trials in our time together. I got cancer when our oldest was only one years old, but thankfully, we came out the other side. I am now four years in remission (this month, actually)!

Following that, we had another beautiful little girl, who made her grand entrance into the world one that we will never forget! My husband and I also own and operate our own drywall company called JMC Drywall. Through all of this, we make time for four-wheeling, bonfires, and a lot of time spent outside!

How did you get into the world of professional design?

Design has always been something I’ve had an interest in. But I never pursued it because going to college or university wasn’t in the cards for me after I had kids. My ambition for design really grew while I was in isolation during treatments for cancer. During this time, I often browsed through magazines and would create vision boards for the house our family was going to build. My ambition hasn’t stopped since!

Why did you decide to pursue your interior decorating certification online, rather than in-person?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a mom of two little girls. One is in school and the other needs a lot of medical attention. So, going to school in-person was not an option for me. Once I did my research and found QC Design School, however, I knew it was meant to be because I could then pursue my dream online while still being a mom full-time (and working full-time as well). 

What was it about QC Design School that made you want to enroll?

My initial interest in QC Design School was the online aspect of earning my certification. Being able to juggle motherhood, work life, and pursue a dream was something I thought would never happen for me.

The second thing that caught my attention was QC’s flexible payment options! Both my husband and I work full-time, but we didn’t have the means to put a lump sum down on a tuition fee. The low, monthly payment plan made it easier for us to pay off the tuition in an affordable way.

You’ve recently joined QC Design School’s team of Student Ambassadors. As an Ambassador, what’s the #1 reason you would recommend QC to aspiring designers?

The one-on-one teaching that you receive is the top reason I would recommend QC Design School. Being an online school, I was nervous that I wouldn’t receive the support I’d need throughout the course.

But QC blew my worries out of the water! They were always approachable and available to help me. Not to mention, the personalized audio feedback that I received from my tutor after every Unit was full of valuable encouragement to help me learn and grow.

In addition to your Interior Decorating certification, you’re also planning to obtain a certification in Feng Shui design. What is it about Feng Shui that interests you?

I have always been the type of person that can walk into any room and come up with many different designs for that area. Many of my friends and family have approached me for guidance on how to make an area function better for a certain situation. I get so much joy when I’m able to help someone and see their reaction to their new and improved space! Feng Shui training will help me take that to the next level.

Why do you feel that interior decorating and Feng Shui design complement one another?

In my opinion, these two design components compliment each other greatly! You can have all the right color selections, furniture, and decor for a room. But if you can’t put them in a way that’s both functional and appealing, the design won’t be complete.

You are currently located in Renfrew, Ontario – a town with less than 10,000 people, but also relatively close to the large city of Ottawa. How do you intend to utilize this to your advantage, so you can stand out from the competition in your area?

Being in a small town makes networking and creating connections so much easier than in a big city. Everybody knows everybody! That being said, being close to Ottawa also means that our small town is still connected to potential design clients in a major city, too. This makes networking for bigger projects that much more effective.

What sort of services, packages, etc. do you intend to offer your clients as you grow your design business?

I plan to offer many different services, but I want to focus on one package for our small town folk. Not everybody can afford the high quality furniture, unique one-of-a-kind decor, etc. So, I want to create a package that focuses on giving people a fresh outlook on a current space; using items they may already have and working with a smaller budget.

My goal is to show our small town that you can have a beautiful home even on a budget, with items you already have in your very own home!

How has your experience been so far in QC Design School’s Interior Decorating Course?

My experience has been extraordinary with QC Design School! This goes for all of the programs I’ve been involved in so far. The communication with the Student Support Team is around the clock and always kind. This means a great deal!

How valuable have the course materials, assignments, and tutor feedback been, and how have they helped you to grow as a designer?

QC Design School provides all of the course’s physical materials, as well as online access to its digital equivalents. I found this extremely useful when I wanted to refer back to a specific Unit for a project. I also appreciated the tutor feedback throughout my entire time with QC. It was just my tutor and me, which directly helped me shape my skills. I remember little tips from my tutor all of the time!

What has been your favorite assignment so far and why?

My favorite assignment has been learning the process of creating floor plans. I love drawing all of the options that a room can develop, as well as all of the different functional possibilities.

You completed your Interior Decorating course in 2020. In the midst of COVID-19, how did your online schooling with QC Design School help make this endeavor possible for you?

For obvious reasons, completing my schooling online meant not having to worry about classes being shut down during a pandemic. QC Design School is already established completely online, so they were more than prepared to provide comprehensive training as soon as I wanted it.

Finally: what’s YOUR definition of “success” as a professional designer?

I believe that success happens every time I have a happy client. As a professional designer, being successful is something I strive for individually with every client and every project. I don’t see it as a destination for the end of my career.

What’s in store for your design career in 2021 and beyond?

My design career in 2021 is going to look a little different than I originally thought it would! Due to the pandemic, I’m going to focus on getting people back on their feet. Maybe that’ll be helping someone establish a home office,. Maybe I’ll rearrange someone’s living space so that it feels warmer for them whenever they come back home from the unknown, outside world.

Mental health issues have been at an all time high. So, I want to focus on creating warm, safe spaces in people’s homes that need/want that loving touch.

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