Home stager training is a great way to start a career in home design, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity for professionals in other industries to get additional training that will help them do their jobs better.

Here are a few jobs that could benefit from home stager training!

Real Estate Agent

Home stagers and real estate agents work together all the time. But some homeowners expect their agent to also be their home stager, or at least to provide them with home staging advice so that they can do the work themselves.  Most real estate agents have relationships with staging professionals and will refer clients to them when this happens.  However when working with lower-budget clients, sometimes hiring a home stager is a luxury that the client simply cannot afford.

A real estate agent who has knowledge and understanding of home staging principles is at a real advantage to this type of client.  They wouldn’t be expected to complete any of the staging work themselves, but they can expertly advise their clients on the work to complete in order to sell the home quickly and for a higher price.  This expertise is both helpful for the real estate agent AND their clients!

Home staging to sell homes

Flipping Homes

Some people make a living out of flipping homes. These professionals buy cheap “fixer uppers” and renovate them into trendy homes, then sell the fully renovated house for a huge profit.  This can be an extremely lucrative profession, but the key is to renovate and design the home to be extremely attractive to potential home buyers in the immediate area.

Home stager training can teach house flipping professionals how to research the latest design trends and use them to shape their renovations. It can also be extremely useful in putting the finishing touches on a home that’s ready to be sold, saving time and money by helping the house sell quickly and at a higher cost.


Curb appeal is arguably one of the most important elements in selling a home. A house with strong curb appeal will be a quick-seller, whereas one with terrible curb appeal can sit on the market for months, regardless of the interior!  Home stager training can help landscapers view their work through the eyes of potential homebuyers. Some features can be too “quirky” or “high maintenance” to appeal to the masses.

Even if there are no current plans to sell the house, it’s a good idea to alert the current homeowners if their landscaping decisions might negatively affect the sale of their home later on. Getting trained in home staging can ensure that the landscaper recommends a design that works for the ideal homebuyer.

How to create curb appeal with home staging courses

Set Designer

Movies and TV shows require sets, and those sets have to be realistic! Home stager training can help a professional set designer create beautiful sets to match any script.  But that’s not all. With home stager training, you also learn all about the most common problems in a home. This knowledge can be extremely useful for a designer who has to create a “lived in” look for a home as part of a set design.

In an effort to save money on different sets for the same project, stager training can also teach the savvy set designer how to re-use certain elements between sets in order to maximize efficiency and spare the budget.  What director wouldn’t love that expertise?


Professional photographers need a good eye. And to create the perfect photo, they’ll need more than the perfect camera, lighting, and model. They’ll also need the perfect backdrop.  Home stager training not only teaches photographers color theory in a design environment, but it’ll also teach them how to set up a stunning environment in which to take their photos.  Clients will appreciate their photographer going the extra mile for this service.

Photography for home design portfolio

Life Coach

As a professional who’s expected to help another person achieve their goals and generally be happier with their lives, a life coach understands the importance of being comfortable in one’s home. Home stager training will give life coaches the tools to help clients set up their homes in a way that’s pleasing to them and their guests. A happy home can go a long way toward a client feeling more satisfied with their life!

Wedding Planner

Weddings and receptions are often held at a client’s (or their family members’) homes.  A wedding planner would be charged with making sure the house is suitably decorated and presentable for the big day.  But sometimes decorations aren’t enough.

Home stager training can help a planner spot the areas of the home that could benefit the most from a quick “touch up” to make the space look more appealing to guests, especially when the house (or yard, for outdoor events!) is in rough shape.

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