Tammy Hart, I.D.D.P, CAPS is a graduate and tutor of QC Design School as well as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist from the National Association of Home Builders. She is the owner and award-winning designer for Designer Chick Co., and she’s the previous director of the National Board for DDA (formerly CDECA). She is a professional speaker and has spoken at venues like IIDEXCanada and the Small Business Forum. She’s been featured in East in the City Magazine, has had a guest spot on Daytime Durham, Rogers TV and has won the HOUZZ Service Award 2017. She works to empower young women to become successful future leaders and supports ocean clean-up efforts.

We all love trends, but we know that trends come and go. Over the next two months, we are going to focus on what trends are hot and what trends are not. I’ll start with trends that are still going strong from 2018 and look at what’s new for 2019. Stay tuned for next month where I’ll go over the millennial interior decorating trends that need to go.

Let’s dive into it!

brass faucet interior decorating trend

Hello 2018 – AGAIN!

Carrying forward from last year, what I think we’ll see more of over the next couple of years is the continuation of earth tones. As sad as it makes me to see gray still, we’re pairing earth tones with grays and warming them up.

We’re seeing them with rich organic greens, and in lieu of rose golds, we are introducing coppers with their orange and red tones. Introduce copper easily into your client’s home in the master ensuite or powder room through their faucets.

From the trend of living walls, our love for the earth continues as we bring more foliage into the home and pair it up with brass—yes, brass! And we have the metallic gold trend from 2018 to thank for that.

Gaining momentum from 2018 is mid-century Art Deco and 70’s design concepts through geometric patterns, velvety fabrics and metals.

Are you sure this is really an interior decorating trend?

There are a few trends that even professional designers and interior decorators question. And if we have questions, you bet our clients are going to ask even more. Here are some questions my clients have been asking me about current trends and how I’ve handled them:

living coral pantone color of the year 2019

Q1: I heard something the other day on TV about gender-neutral rooms. Not sure I’m buying into this concept.

A: This trend is trying to remove gender identity that’s associated with specific colors in a space. For example, girly colors vs. manly colors. I appreciate what this change is trying to accomplish, but I think this is going to take a long time to change the minds of many who have grown up with these conceptions. Pantone’s Color of The Year is Living Coral. And we are still loving soft pinks and violets. We can bring these in as pops of color if you’re feeling uneasy about creating a concept with gender-neutral colors.

Q2: I’m seeing large-scale pieces of artwork on walls. Why? I like this but how can I implement it?

A: This is known as maximalism. We have been so focused on minimalism through the inspiration of Scandinavian design that now we want more. Some ways to follow this trend is to cover a wall with a single large-scale piece of artwork. Alternatively, you can create a gallery wall to a scale you feel comfortable with.

Q3: Is farmhouse-chic out? If so, what’s replacing it?

A: Every interior decorating style has its place, and farmhouse-chic is no different. Though it is on its way out, in the right space, it can still enhance a home. For example, a downtown condo wouldn’t suit shiplap and barn board doors. But a beautiful bungalow nestled in the country would be a perfect space for a farmhouse-chic design concept.

farmhouse chic decorating style

Forward thinking as an interior decorator

There are a few trends that I’m loving for this year. Here are my three favorite trends that I can totally get behind.

Sustainability in Design: This design concept isn’t just for the eco-conscious individual anymore. One way to support sustainability is to buy from local artisans. Not only are you going add unique bespoke items to your client’s home, but you’re also going to support an entrepreneur over big box stores.

Wallpaper: Even though wallpaper has been making its way back over the past couple of years, this year you’re going to see the resurgence of colorful floral patterns within it. Don’t do a whole room though. Use sparingly as feature walls.

Color and Graphic Tiles: For quite some time, we have seen monochromatic white and gray kitchens—BORING! Finally, we are introducing color into the kitchen again, and we’re bringing graphic bold backsplashes to break up the monotony of all that white and gray.

outdoor living space patterns and bold color trends

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Here’s what I’m hoping is hot this summer (besides the weather):

  • For our outdoor living spaces, I want to see fun bold patterns and fabrics that are whimsical and playful. Brightly colored fabrics and patterns that make you smile!
  • Because I’m all about function, I want to see multi-purpose furniture where ottomans double as coolers and storage spaces for cushions.
  • And it’s all about mood lighting. Mixing different types of lighting such as ambient overhead lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

One of my favorite quotes is by designer Billy Baldwin,

“Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. When I’m redesigning spaces, I find it important to not necessarily focus primarily on trends, but to focus on what my clients like. After all, it’s their space, and I want them to feel cozy and happy every time they enter it.

What other current trends did we miss? Let us know in a comment!

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