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  • An International Staging and Redesign Professional (ISRP™) double certification
  • Full business training to prepare you for a new career
  • 14 full-color home staging and redesign lesson books, and 3 bonus online texts
  • A professional starter kit which includes a set of watercolor paints, a furniture template, a scale ruler, a paint brush, and more!
  • One-on-one mentoring throughout your course
  • 50% off all additional courses so you can continue mastering your skills
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How Online Learning Works

QC Design School’s online courses provide you with a classroom-like education from the comforts of your home. Life can be hectic, and that’s why online courses can be completed on your own time and at your own pace.

  • Your course comes with 14 full-color texts, video tutorials, plus customizable business forms and templates.
  • You’ll complete theory-based AND practical assignments, and submit them directly to QC’s Online Student Center. Your tutor, who is an expert in the design industry, reviews your work and provides you with detailed audio feedback and a letter grade.
  • Contact the Student Support Team whenever you need additional help or advice with QC’s design courses.
  • Receive your professional ISRP™ double certification upon completion of your course.


Access Your Design Course Materials

When you enroll, QC Design School ships your design course materials by mail, including full-color textbooks, art supplies, assignment booklets, instructional DVDs, and much more. You’ll have easy, convenient access to everything you need to complete your Home Staging course!


Submit Your Assignments

Once you’ve finished a unit, you’ll submit your design assignments through the Online Student Center, and these will be sent directly to your personal tutor. Your tutor reviews your work and provides expert feedback within 7-10 business days!


Review Your Feedback

In their feedback, your tutor will identify areas of opportunity and highlight your areas of strength. You’ll review this advice to improve your skills for the next unit. With each assignment, you’ll build on the materials you’ve learned, to develop your skills as a professional home designer.


Select the buttons below to learn about each unit in the Home Staging course.

Unit A

In the first unit of your home staging class, learn about the dynamic world of home staging and the important role of the stager in selling homes. Learn about a home stager’s services and responsibilities, and walk through a full-service home staging project from consultation to completion. Study color psychology and the color wheel. Begin applying the principles of home staging as you practice creating color palettes targeted to home staging scenarios.

Unit Overview

Unit B

Discover the essential arts of depersonalizing and decluttering for home staging projects. You’ll cover strategies for preparing every room in the house for a real estate showing, from clearing out clutter to removing personal tastes. Touch on some of the most prominent contemporary design styles and find style elements you can use to help appeal to target buyers. Learn how to use accessories and artwork to highlight appealing focal points and architectural features. Discover tips for accessorizing from award-winning interior designer Jane Lockhart in a special bonus video!

Unit Overview

Unit C

Study lighting functions and fixtures, and learn how to create different moods using cool, warm and neutral lighting within a space. Compare various window treatments and learn how to dress a window effectively to showcase a stunning view and to heighten a room’s appeal. Learn all about curb appeal, including landscaping, outdoor decluttering and outdoor staging. By the end of this unit you’ll know exactly how to ensure buyers are entranced before they’ve even made it to the front door.

Unit Overview

Unit D

Explore various types of technical drawings including floorplans, elevation drawings and isometric sketches. Learn how to measure and sketch the dimensions of a room. Use these skills to draw floorplans which will provide your clients with a bird’s-eye view of your home design plans. Discover the balance, visual weight and traffic patterns of a room and learn how to harmoniously place furniture within different spaces. Throughout this unit you’ll be guided by step-by-step videos featuring QC tutor Angie Chapman.

Unit Overview

Unit E

In the final unit of your online Home Staging class, you’ll put your knowledge and home design skills to use by professionally staging a home!

Unit Overview

Course Outline

Select the buttons below to learn about each Unit in the Interior Decorating course.

Unit F

After completing units A to E you’ll have the option to complete a business unit designed specifically for home stagers. Learn how to start and register your own business. Explore the world of marketing and discover how to attract clients through your website, your social media pages and other important marketing channels. Discover the best ways to attract clients and to maintain strong working relationships throughout every project. You’ll also develop an understanding of the real estate industry, which will be invaluable as you work with real estate agents and evaluate client priorities throughout your career.

Unit Overview
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Your Home Staging Certification

Upon completion of QC’s online Home Staging course, you’ll graduate with the unique International Staging and Redesign Professional (ISRP) double certification.

This certificate of completion demonstrates that you possess the home staging training needed to help clients attract buyers and sell their homes at the best price possible.

Money-back Guarantee

At QC Design School, providing high quality online design courses is the highest priority. With QC’s 100% money-back guarantee, you’ll have 21 days to review your course materials from the day you receive them. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us.

If you find, for any reason, that QC’s online design course is not right for you, you’ll receive a full refund. Simply return the course materials (unused, with a tracking number) and your course fees will be immediately refunded. All you need to do is call QC Design School for shipping instructions.

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