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How Online Learning Works

QC Design School’s online courses provide you with a classroom-like education from the comforts of your home. Life can be hectic, and that’s why online courses can be completed on your own time and at your own pace.

  • Your course comes with 10 online texts, a printed textbook, video tutorials, plus customizable business forms and templates.
  • You’ll complete theory-based AND practical assignments, and submit them directly to QC’s Online Student Center. Your tutor, who is an expert in the design industry, reviews your work and provides you with detailed audio feedback and a letter grade.
  • Contact the Student Support Team whenever you need additional help or advice with QC’s design courses.
  • Receive your professional ICCP™ certification upon completion of your course.


Access Your Design Course Materials

When you enroll with QC Design School, you’ll have access to the Online Student Center where you’ll find your course texts, assignment templates, videos, and more. You’ll also receive a printed textbook in the mail. You’ll have easy, convenient access to everything you need to complete your Color Consultant course!


Submit Your Assignments

Once you’ve finished a unit, you’ll submit your design assignments through the Online Student Center, and these will be sent directly to your personal tutor. Your tutor reviews your work and provides expert feedback within 7-10 business days!


Review Your Feedback

In their feedback, your tutor will identify areas of opportunity and highlight your areas of strength. You’ll review this advice to improve your skills for the next unit. With each assignment, you’ll build on the materials you’ve learned, to develop your skills as a professional color consultant.

Course Outline

Select the buttons below to learn about each unit in the Color Consultant course.

Unit A

Find out who hires color consultants and how to be successful in this role. Explore the color wheel, color terminology, and color schemes, as well as the principles of design that can be applied to color theory. Delve into factors that influence color perception, such as lighting, undertones, and texture. You’ll explore the fascinating world of color psychology. Learn how to build custom color palettes for clients, determine focal points in the home and create flow in challenging spaces.

Unit B

Bring a color palette to life using elements such as furniture, appliances, flooring and interior painting. Discover how to choose the right paint finishes, as well as ceiling, trim and wallpaper colors. Learn Jane Lockhart’s secrets for designing with textiles, arranging accessories, and building a strong relationship between art and design in your client’s home.  Enhance curb appeal and entice buyers by designing exterior color schemes. You’ll understand the importance of exteriors in home staging.

Unit C

Find out how to expand your client base as a color consultant. You’ll learn to consult on corporate color palettes that align with company goals. Explore color psychology in the office, and help retail brands appeal to customers using color. Follow Jane Lockhart’s steps for conducting a color consultation, including working with contractors, managing client relationships, and working with color planning software. Establish yourself as a color expert and build a successful business by creating your brand, identifying target clientele, setting your prices, and marketing your services.

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Your Color Consulting Certification

When you graduate from QC Design School’s online Color Workshop, you’ll receive a certification as an International Color Consulting Professional (ICCP).

This recognized designation demonstrates to potential employers and clients that you have successfully completed a color consulting workshop. You’ll be prepared to provide the very best in quality home decorating services.

QC's 21-Day Money-Back Guarantee

QC’s Money-Back Guarantee

21-Day Guarantee

When you enroll, you have 21 days to review the course materials and decide whether you want to take the course. If you decide this course isn’t the right fit for you, simply contact the school and you’ll receive a full refund!

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