Professional Organizing

Professional Organizing Course

Advanced International Organizing Professional™

When you graduate, you'll receive a beautiful certificate certifying you as an Advanced International Organizing Professional (AIOP®). Ready for framing, your certificate is a testament to your professional education, knowledge, and skills. This official designation will let your clients, and other industry professionals, know that you have completed the utmost in quality training and are prepared to provide the best in organizing services.

Reclaim order and peace of mind by providing clients with efficient home and office organizing systems and solutions. They'll thank you for years to come! With our comprehensive Professional Organizing course, you can become qualified as an Advanced International Organizing Professional (AIOP). Throughout your course, you will learn how to use effective tools and techniques to organize homes and offices, form strong working relationships with your clients and gain the confidence you need to succeed.

Your clients may be living in a state of disorder and chaos. While they may be unhappy with their situations, they may not have the skills or time to solve their problems. This is where you come in. With the help of a professional organizer—someone like you—your clients can quickly transform their unorganized space, maximize productivity and reduce overall stress. People often feel overwhelmed and unnerved when their living environment is filled with clutter. Your job is to help them regain control of their lives and reinstate order. We can give you the skills and the professional certification to achieve your goals.