Feng Shui
Certification Course

QC’s online Feng Shui Design course teaches you how to create balance and harmony within a home or workspace. You’ll discover a trove of new design styles and techniques!

The Feng Shui Design course focuses on the ancient principles of feng shui, such as ch’i flow, balance, and the guas. You’ll learn how to design comfortable and harmonious spaces that will enrich your clients’ lives.

Through hands-on and theory-based assignments, you’ll learn how to consult on a variety of spaces and client scenarios. You’ll also receive full business training so you can launch your own design business!

Upon graduation, you’ll receive an industry recognized certification and the designation of Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional (AFDP). With your certificate and professional title, you’ll be ready to start your own business as a professional organizer right away.

This Course Is Best For You If

  • You have an interest in feng shui principles and enjoy interior decorating

  • You want to start your own design business with a focus on feng shui

  • You are looking for a creative hobby that will help enrich the lives of others

  • You are a professional working in the design & decorating industry

Course Curriculum


Introduction to Feng Shui

Find out what the role of a feng shui consultant entails, along with the responsibilities you’ll take on as a decorator and consultant. Study the principles of yin and yang, and learn about the five elements. Dive into the concept of ch’i and its importance in decorating.

  • Fundamental Feng Shui Concepts (Yin and Yang, Understanding Ch’i, the Five Elements, Celestial Animals)
  • Feng Shui Guidelines
  • Decluttering


Feng Shui Tools

Learn how to use the Bagua Map and apply it to interior decor. Find out how you can use feng shui throughout the home to help achieve your client’s intentions. Discover the eight trigrams, the Guas, and symbols.

  • Reading the Bagua Map
  • The Eight Trigrams
  • The Trigram Summary Chart
  • How to Use the Bagua Map
  • Working with Floorplans
  • Layering the Bagua Map
  • The Guas
  • Cures & Symbols
  • Feng Shui Symbol Guide


Decorating for Feng Shui Consultants

Explore a variety of valuable interior decorating topics including floor planning, lighting, color theory, and accessorizing. Learn how to use these concepts to create balanced and personalized feng shui designs for your clients.

  • Floorplans, Scale Drawings & Landscape Plans
  • Color Theory
  • Traditional Feng Shui Colors
  • Lighting & Accessorizing


Social & Living Spaces

Learn about the social spaces in homes and buildings, and find out how to evaluate a home’s potential and make improvements through feng shui. Study real-life situations between clients and feng shui consultants.

  • Entrances & Foyers
  • Creating Ch’i Energy
  • Living Rooms & Family Rooms
  • Kitchens & Dining Rooms


Private & Utility Spaces

Study feng shui designs for bedrooms and bathrooms, and learn how to create energy flow. Explore how to increase balance in high-traffic areas, and learn how storage can influence a home’s feng shui. Apply your knowledge from the course to improve living areas.

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Hallways & Staircases
  • Attics, Basement, Garages
  • Doors & Windows


Special Topics in Feng Shui

Discover how electromagnetic fields impact homes and learn how a home’s exterior affects feng shui. Study how to create harmony outdoors and conduct a space cleansing ceremony using elements of traditional Asian culture.

  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Home Locations
  • Outdoor Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui for Offices
  • Spatial Cleansing Ceremonies

UNIT G (Optional)

Business Training Series

In this unit, you’ll study how to start your own feng shui consulting business. Find step-by-step instructions on writing your business plan, and study topics on marketing and selling your services. Learn what the consulting process looks like.

  • Starting Your Own Business
  • Writing Your Business Plan
  • Financial Statements
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Building Your Portfolio
  • Working with Clients
  • Consultations

Sample Video

Furniture Layout

Watch the video to get an inside look at the online Feng Shui Design course. QC tutor Angie Chapman walks you through the creation of a furniture layout.

Sample Assignment

QC’s step-by-step program walks you through each aspect of feng shui design and consulting. Hands-on assignments are created to put you in the consultant’s seat. You’ll study the ancient principles of feng shui and how homes can be improved through energy flow and balance.

In this sample assignment, you’ll practice implementing feng shui principles into the home by evaluating each client’s living room and suggesting improvements.

You will receive a Course Guide with easy-to-follow instructions on uploading your assignments to the Online Student Center and downloading your tutor’s evaluation and audio feedback. Additionally, QC’s helpful Student Support Team is ready and willing to guide you through your assignments and answer any questions you have along the way. Connect with the support team by phone, email or Live Chat – whichever you prefer.

“I first did my Interior Decorating course and then the Feng Shui Design course. After finishing my Feng Shui course, I realized how interior design and feng shui design were integrated.”

Heemal DharAdvanced Feng Shui Design Professional

Learn from Industry Experts

When you enroll with QC Design School, you’ll be matched with an industry professional currently working in the field who will review your work and provide you with in-depth feedback and advice on every assignment. These accomplished tutors have years of experience in the decorating industry and are eager to share their professional insight to help you succeed.

Your personal tutor will provide you with in-depth audio feedback on each assignment to let you know what you did well and how you could improve. Use this feedback to guide you through the next unit in your course.

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Your Tuition Includes

  • All course guides, lesson texts, materials, and instructional videos
  • Lifetime access to digital course materials in the Online Student Center
  • Access to student support 7 days a week
  • A complete business training series
  • Your certificate upon graduation


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