Creating Mood Boards

Welcome to QC Design School’s Pinterest help page! Scroll down to learn how to create your Pinterest board.

Some of your course work requires you to create mood boards using Pinterest to share inspiration photos for your project. Mood boards enable your tutor to easily grasp your vision for each project.

Creating Moodboards with Pinterest

Pinterest is a free, user-friendly social media platform that allows you to curate digital mood boards by adding or “pinning” photos. You can use Pinterest’s website to create your boards. You can also download a Pinterest app for both Android and Apple phones. This option is particularly useful if you’ll be uploading your own photos to Pinterest.

To create a Pinterest board you should:

  1. Visit and either log in or create an account.
  2. Start a new board and name it according to the appropriate unit letter and assignment number. For example, “Assignment A1.”
  3. Do not make your board secret. You must be able to share a link to your board so your tutor can evaluate your work.
  4. Find photos and add them to your board.

There are three ways to find photos to use on your boards on Pinterest.

  1. Find photos already on Pinterest
  2. Upload your own photos that you’ve taken to Pinterest and use them in your boards
  3. Find photos from different websites on the internet and add them to Pinterest using a special browser extension

The steps required to “pin” photos from Pinterest to your mood boards will depend on the platform and operating system you use. For detailed instructions, visit Pinterest’s Help Center.

How to Find Photos on Pinterest

You must only share photos of other people’s work if you are certain you have permission to do so. When you search for existing photos on Pinterest, you must be very careful about which photos you are and are not allowed to use. Some Pinterest users may post images that they don’t have the rights to use. You should investigate the original source of each image yourself to make sure you can safely post it, without infringing on copyrights.

If you choose to find images from the internet and upload them to Pinterest, you must make sure you have the right to share these images. If you see an image on a website you’d like to use in a board, hover your cursor over the image. If a Pinterest button appears, you’ll have the option to save that image to Pinterest. If you don’t see a Pinterest button appear, assume you can’t use that image. Note that the browser button is only available if you are using Google Chrome. When you save an image to Pinterest, it will automatically include a link to the original website.

Visit Pinterest’s Help Center for detailed instructions about pinning photos.


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