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Professional Organizing Course 

In Unit C of your online Professional Organizing course, you’ll be provided with a brief review of some key organizing principles. Next, you’ll study detailed strategies for organizing each room in the home by focusing on the activities in that space, learning how to sort and store items and studying furniture placement tips. Discover the importance of each space in the home and learn how to eliminate chaos and clutter to improve your clients’ lives. You’ll be able to use this knowledge to enhance interior design plans in any professional organizing job you take on.

Organizing the Home – Room by Room

The kitchen, family room and living room are common clutter culprits. This section of the course will take you through standard organizing problems in each of these spaces. You’ll learn strategies for countering these problems and for helping your clients maintain order long after you’ve completed the job.

Explore various professional organizing strategies that benefit private spaces such as the bedroom, bathroom and laundry room, including specific bedroom ideas for the master and kids’ bedrooms. Study sorting and storing solutions for these spaces, including movable storage. Discover how to turn your client’s bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary, and how to organize even the most chaotic laundry room.

Finally, explore the storage options available for dining rooms and home offices, and learn why bringing order to these spaces in particular is beneficial to clients. You’ll develop an understanding of why the organization of these rooms is so vital to your client’s happiness, which is essential for all professional organizers.