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Discover the Bagua Map!

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In feng shui bagua maps use your space to map out your life, and help to identify the life areas where you may need to make some positive changes. A bagua map is an eight-sided energy map, and typically looks like the diagram below.

When applying the map to your living or working space, you would be using a map similar to the one below.


A bagua map can be placed over top of a floor plan. Once you have your bagua map in place over your floorplan, determine which areas of your life currently need the most focus. Think about your goals, and identify one or two areas you’d most like to improve. Don’t try and do everything at one time, as you’ll most likely end up with too much clutter in your space.

When you’re putting feng shui principles into use just remember that feng shui works from an even combination of intention and positive action. Once you’ve figured out exactly what it is you’d like to improve or change, use feng shui techniques to balance out the energy in your space.

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